Daily Prayers for our nation

Daily Prayers for our Nation and our World


We give thanks for all who have returned to good health, recovered from serious illness in intensive care and have returned home to recuperate.

We pray for all who are seriously ill, all those undergoing or awaiting treatment and those who have to cope with ongoing illness.


We give thanks for all those who use their professional skills in the service of others, for those who lead or oversee people and processes.

We pray for those who shoulder heavy responsibilities and for those who work with and for them.


We give thanks for all those involved in the education of children and young people and the complexities of returning to schools.

We pray for all who are learning at home and those who are home schooling them, for all students studying for their final exams and those hoping to study at college or university after school.


We give thanks for the skills of those involved in complex logistical exercises.

We pray for all who have to work out what to do next with limited information, those who have to make major decisions and carry them out.


We give thanks for those who work behind the scenes to look after the health and well being of others.

We pray for those who need constant care and help, for those whose needs are challenging and for the carers who struggle to keep up the help needed in difficult conditions.


We give thanks for all who grow, supply and distribute our food, for all who work in utilities and manufacturing industries.

We pray for those who work hard under challenging conditions and for those who enable deliveries to reach those who need them most at this time.


We give thanks for rest and relaxation, for opportunities to get out for exercise and fresh air and a change of environment.

We pray for those who are unable to get out and about during isolation, those whose opportunities for rest and relaxation are limited and those who have constant demands on their time and find no rest.