Church Officers

Following the AGM 2022 the list of Officers is:

Vice Chairman:  Clive Morton

Warden:  Pam Gowman

Treasurer:  Mark Gowman

Secretary:  Beverley Nixon

Safeguarding Officer:  Jan Crombie 

Electoral Roll Officer:  Florence Morton

Marriage Blessing and Baptism Coordinator:  Pam Gowman

Editors Assisi Outlook: Florence Morton, Mark Gowman, and Beverley Nixon

Publishing Editor: Gordon Trigg

Social Media Coordinator:  Tosca Lynch

Webmaster & Editor (A Church Near You):  Jan Crombie, Lisa Aiello 

Data Protection:  Gordon Trigg

Please make initial contact through:

-  Priest-in-Charge,  Wardens,  Marriage Blessing and Baptism Coordinator or Safeguarding Officer - as appropriate