Care for each other during COVID-19

On behalf of our church, La Cote, we would like to say hello and ask if there is anything that we can help you with, in these unusual times. There are two of us acting as points of contact: one on the Swiss side and one on the French side of our Church, to link up with people in our community who may be stuck at home, or isolating, or simply have children home schooling now, etc.

We have had so many kind offers from people in our region, offering to help with shopping, cooking, skype calls with youngsters for tuition, or just a chat.

(We have some older teens and university students now home, who would be happy to help with the latter idea).

If any of these ideas appeal to you or you would like help at this time, please do get back in touch with us and we will reach out to our volunteers.

Please also know that all personal information shared with us is in complete confidence.

It is also fine if you don’t need anything right now!

We just want to make sure everyone in our community is in contact with us as a church, whilst we go through this difficult period of being apart physically.


On 20 March 2020, the Swiss Federal Council further tightened up measures to protect the population.  In summary, the revised RECOMMENDATIONS are:

Stay at home - especially those who are ill or over 65 years old.

Only those who need to go to work or to the Doctor, or to buy food, or to help someone should go outside.

Gatherings of more than 5 people are prohibited.

Wash your hands thoroughly.

Avoid shaking hands.

Cough and sneeze into a tissue or the crook of your arm.

Stay at home if you have a high temperature and a cough.

Always call ahead before going to the Dr or emergency department.

Keep your distance.

The use of public transport should be avoided if possible.

We hope the updated information is useful, but most importantly once again, please be in contact, if there is anything you need help with, by using the 'Get in Touch' form on this site.

With our love and prayers for you 🙏