As we progress through advent towards Christmas, the churches are going to be busy. We encourage people to continue with good hygienic practices and being respectful of their neighbour’s needs, potentially for space and no/restricted touch.

The leadership team have discussed and prayed about the return of the chalice over the past few weeks, whilst closely watching the news around covid. Whilst we are aware that the infection rates remain high, the success of the vaccine means that for the majority now the risks are low on infection. Therefore, we judge that the time is right to reintroduce the chalice at Christmas; at midnight mass and Christmas day we will be offering the chalice as well as bread at communion. Please know that no one is obliged to receive the chalice, and you can continue to receive the bread alone if you wish. Chalice bearers, please make sure that you have received instruction on how to properly clean the rim of the chalice between each communicant before you offer this ministry once more.