Volunteers Needed


We know that coming to church benefits people in so many ways - spiritually, well being, education, culturally. It may be stating the obvious, but it's also true that it takes a huge team effort to make church happen, whether that is the literal church building and site being kept in order, to the putting on of services. If each person could offer one small thing to help make church happen, then that will spread the load across the board rather than concentrating the ask on a few.

 Volunteering is also a great way of gaining a sense of well being, and connecting with others who are part of the volunteer team. A huge thank you, also, to those who are already going above and beyond to make both our churches and all our church events & services hospitable and welcoming. We who are many are one Body - make we work for the common good.


Please join the lovely group of people who offer coffee and cake on a Sunday morning after Sunday Service. It's a fantastic way to meet different people, create long lasting connections and friendship and build support. 

- 1x hour per week, per fortnight, per month

- Make and pour coffee/tea, cut and plate cake

- Tidy up afterwards, putting all the tables and chairs back where they belong, clean up mugs and plates. Put the toilet key back. 

- Please contact Anita Beasley on 01392 272919


- Please contact June Swan on 01392 877468


- Please contact June Swan on 01392 877468


- 80+ families have come through Mini Messy Church since September 2020.

- 25 families have participated in the Kids Matter parenting support program

- Each Easter/Christmas trail welcomes approx 30 families

- There are 10 families associated with family holy communion service

- Forest school Open the Story has seen 15 families take part, with an average of 5 families

Please help!

1. Hospitality for Mini Messy church (Thursdays), refreshments. 1 hour per week (although if part of a team could be 1 hr per fortnight/month)

2. Tidy up after Mini Messy church (30mins a week, or forthnight/month)

3. Alongsider of families for family holy communion (4th sundays) (2 hours a month)

4. Alongsider of families for Open the story (2nd sundays)

(90mins a month)

5. Ordering, tidying and cleaning of children’s resources (when able) (30mins-1 hour a week)

Please contact Revd. Louise Grace on [email protected]