Bell ringing

Bell ringing practice night is on Tuesday 7.30 - 9.00pm. Beginners and visitors welcome.

Sundays 09.40 till 10.30 for the morning service. ( No ringing Sunday May 29th)

First Tuesday in the month practice is at All Saints Church, All Saints Green, Norwich.

As Covid-19 restrictions ease,  bellringing  is gradually returning to pre-pandemic levels. Religious  festivals may be celebrated especially Easter,  Christmas and St Giles Day,as well as the Platinum Jubilee of H.M  the Queen and other national or civic occasions, up to a maximum of 12 extra sessions in any one year

Jubilee Weekend. 

Thursday June 2nd from 8 minutes to 8 pm until 22 minutes past 8 pm. Ie 19. 52 until 20.22 

Saturday 5th June  for approximately 1 hour between 10.00am and noon.

You can listen to a recording of the bells of St Giles on YouTube.