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Bishop Steven's book Principles of Deep Water Fishing is our suggested guide for self study Advent reflections on Acts (The book of the Acts of The Apostles, after the four Gospels in the New Testament).

29 Nov 2019, midnight
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Events: Christmas 2019

15 Nov 2019, midnight
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link Diocese Kimberley and Kuruman is supported by the Team, with our representative and Team Council Lay leader Amy Herlihy involved in planning the next event, a Link Conference in July 2020.

15 Nov 2019, midnight
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Taking its name from Las Pasada, Spanish for the nativity inn, a Pasada is the journey of a knitted nativity set around the village, starting during Advent and arriving at Church on Christmas Eve. Our vicar, Revd. Teresa Sykes, is recruiting:-

12 Nov 2019, midnight
From_the_Vicar christmas
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