Our parish together with Berinsfield and The Baldons, form The Cluster, part of the Dorchester Team of 14 churches. See also the ACNY Dorchester Benifice page and our trial Facebook page.

The Drayton St Leonard website has lots of information about the village. Other village websites or pages include:

The Catherine Wheel Pub
Drayton St Leonard Noticeboard
DSL annual tennis tournament  *
DSL Fireworks Night  * (now on nearest Sunday)
Aston Martin Owners Club and Museum
Willow Cottage Beauty Cabin
Four Winds Garage
*Seasonal events on Facebook!

Stardreams Video on YouTube has a lot of Drayton St Leonard viewing. And for fun search for the Drayton St Leonard Music Festival 2009 also 2010 and 2012 on YouTube (mrjfitz).

Other websites of interest include:
Grade II and Grade II* listings - Church     Chest Tombs     rest of village

Church leaflets - (Sorry, I'm struggling with the website, more work needed here when I've got time!)

- Brief church history 1      Brief church history 2

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