Church of England Diocese of Oxford Drayton St. Leonard

These events occur regularly throughout the calendar year.


Individual prayer time in church

Every Sunday at 2 p.m. for 3h

Church of St Leonard and St Catherine,
Church Lane,
Drayton St Leonard,

Here is a copy of Teresa's 24 June message to the Drayton St Leonard group email:
Hello everyone,
I write to you as restrictions are being lifted and we are beginning to resume our lives and get back to some kind of normality. The last 3 months have been very strange indeed, who would ever have thought our church would be closed for worship? So it is wonderful that we can now enjoy again the peace and comfort of our beautiful church. Hilarie and Amy, our wonderful Church Wardens, have been working very hard to clean and prepare the church for opening, and the church will be open for individual prayer this Sunday (28th June) from 2pm-5pm. We will continue to open the church on a Sunday 2pm-5pm for the foreseeable future, I hope to see you there.
However I realise that many will be understandably cautious at this news. Let me reassure you we will not be returning to how things were overnight, this is just one step on a journey. So we will not be resuming our services on a Sunday morning until we have carefully assessed how we may do this safely and within government guidelines. I appreciate your patience whilst we make these plans. In the meantime we will continue to meet online each Sunday via zoom, details of our virtual Sunday services are available on the Abbey website
If you would like to have a chat with me about this, or indeed anything else do give me a call (07823 809 112) or drop me an email [email protected]
Gods blessing to you all,
Rev Teresa Stewart-Sykes
Team Vicar
The Parishes of Berinsfield, Marsh Baldon, Toot Baldon, Nuneham Courtenay and Drayton St Leonard.


Dorchester Team online family service

In July, August, September. Every First, Third Sunday at 9:30 a.m. for 45m

Join us on Zoom or follow live on Dorchester Team Facebook Page (@DorchesterTeam)
Click on More-About-This-Event for the service sheet, things to bring (if needed) and crafts (if any for this service).

Live stream All age/Family Family Friendly Sunday School / Organised Children's Activities
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Morning Prayer, virtual service for Dorchester Team

Monday 06 April 2020, Tuesday 07 April 2020, Wednesday 08 April 2020, Thursday 09 April 2020, Friday 10 April 2020, Saturday 11 April 2020, Sunday 12 April 2020, Monday 13 April 2020, Tuesday 14 April 2020, Wednesday 15 April 2020, Thursday 16 April 2020, Friday 17 April 2020, Saturday 18 April 2020, Monday 20 April 2020, Tuesday 21 April 2020, Wednesday 22 April 2020, Thursday 23 April 2020, Friday 24 April 2020, Saturday 25 April 2020, Sunday 26 April 2020, Monday 27 April 2020, Tuesday 28 April 2020, Wednesday 29 April 2020, Thursday 30 April 2020, Friday 01 May 2020, Saturday 02 May 2020, Sunday 03 May 2020, Monday 04 May 2020, Tuesday 05 May 2020, Wednesday 06 May 2020, Thursday 07 May 2020, Friday 08 May 2020, Saturday 09 May 2020, Sunday 10 May 2020, Monday 11 May 2020, Tuesday 12 May 2020, Wednesday 13 May 2020, Thursday 14 May 2020, Friday 15 May 2020, Saturday 16 May 2020, Sunday 17 May 2020, Monday 18 May 2020, Tuesday 19 May 2020, Wednesday 20 May 2020, Thursday 21 May 2020, Friday 22 May 2020, Saturday 23 May 2020, Sunday 24 May 2020, Monday 25 May 2020, Tuesday 26 May 2020, Wednesday 27 May 2020, Thursday 28 May 2020, Friday 29 May 2020, Saturday 30 May 2020, Sunday 31 May 2020 at 8:30 a.m. for 2m

Virtual Service for Holy Week for live broadcast and playback later, use the below link for more information.

Live morning prayer with Canon Sue in Dorchester, recorded for playback at your convenience. Follow link below for more information.

Recorded service Live stream

Team Service on Zoom, join from 10:15 for 10:30 start

Every Sunday at 10:15 a.m. for 1hr 15m

Virtual service

Details of this service for home viewing can be found on the Dorchester Abbey website, follow the below link "MORE ABOUT THIS EVENT". Details vary from service to service, some with Communion, some without, so check on that site for the latest information.
Following the service, join with break out groups to share discussions with other participants while enjoying a lovely cup of home brewed coffee, until around noon. (For full details see this weeks email from Teresa to all parishioners - if you are not yet on the list ask to join it by clicking on the Get-in-touch page to sent her an email)

Live stream

Livestreaming of Morning Prayer

Every day at 8:30 a.m. for 10m

Morning Prayer is livestreamed daily except Sunday on Facebook to offer you just 10mins to pause and pray every morning at 8.30am. Follow the link below [More about this event] to listen live on Facebook at 8.30am (you will need a Facebook account to do this). Shortly afterwards the most recent service will be posted on the online page of the Dorchester-Abbey website .

Live stream Morning Worship/Prayer