About Us

We are a family friendly church where you will always find a welcome.

Our Sunday Service is at 10am. After the service a member of the ministry team is available for private prayer.

We also meet at 9.30am on Wednesday. Ideal if you prefer quieter worship.

Guides and Scouts and a number of other groups use our hall - see "Uniform Groups" and "Who else meets at Milton"

Our Mission:

Our mission is to reach out to the whole Parish and fulfil our responsibilities in God’s world, making a difference to people’s lives and to the life of the community.

We offer a welcoming and pleasing environment, with a variety of services, activities and facilities that can meet most of the needs of all ages.

In all things, we want to communicate God’s love by means of words and deeds, through faithful preaching and living out the Gospel message. Our wish is for everyone to have a new or renewed encounter with Jesus Christ, that they may find fulfilment and wholeness in Him.