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This will take place in the church of the parish where you live. To find out which is your parish, enter your post code into "A church near you" front page or check on"Street name and Parish" page. Then contact the vicar of your parish. If you live in the Parish of St Peter & St Paul Milton please read on.

Marriage at St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Milton and Denton

We know how important it is that this extra special day, is as wonderful and meaningful as it can be.

Together we can come up with just the ceremony you have in mind.

Once you have read the following information, use "Get in touch" page if you need to know more and to talk about having your wedding here at Milton and Denton Parish Church.

Who is entitled to be married at St Peter & St Paul’s?

You can be married at St Peter & St Paul’s if: Neither bride or groom has been married before. Nor any previous spouse is still living (even if they are divorced); AND Bride and/or groom live within the parish boundary. If neither live within the Parish Boundary (see parish streets link); one or both will need to be eligible by nature of meeting at least one of the qualifying criteria, which are listed on the main application form (link below). Usually, at least three months notice is required to book a wedding, longer if either party is a foreign national.

For 2019 the statutory church of England fee for marriage and publication of banns is £489.

Further fees are applicable for options such as music, singers, bells, flowers, etc. For most weddings the total would typically be in the range £600 – £800

Banns Application form

For qualifying connections and Marriage application form use "Get in touch" page.

List of Specific Evidence required by BOTH parties to the marriage, that they are UK/EEA/Swiss nationals prior to applying for a Common Licence, or PRIOR to the publication of banns