If you wish to arrange a funeral Service, or Memorial Service at St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Milton and Denton; or would like the Rector to conduct a service at the cemetery or crematorium: contact your chosen funeral Director, and ask them for the funeral to be conducted by a minister of St Peter & St Paul’s , Milton; the funeral director will then make the necessary arrangements with the Rector on your behalf.

There can be no further burials in the churchyard at St Peter and St Paul’s Church as it is legally “closed” (that is to say, a Home Office Order is in place to prevent further burials which would disturb existing ancient graves).

However, ashes may be interred in the Garden of Remembrance, within the churchyard; subject to legal compliance with the law, see Churchyard Regulations , on payment of the statutory fees.

You can have a funeral, memorial service or burial of ashes at St Peter and St Paul’s if:

The deceased person’s last permanent address was within the parish boundary; AND/OR they died whilst in the parish, AND/OR have any past family link with St Peter & St Paul’s Church