Church of England Diocese of Rochester Milton Next Gravesend with Denton

Which Parish are you in?

Street Name (Code for Parish - see list of Parishes below) St Peter & St Paul Milton is code SPPM

Abbey Road SPPM

Abbots Field SMIF

Aintree Close CCM

Alamein Road SPPSW

Albert Road SPPSW

Albion Parade SPPM

Albion Road SPPM

Albion Terrace SPPM

Alexander Road GHSM

Alexandra Road SPPM

Alfred Place ASPS

Alfred Road SMG

Alkerden Road SPPSW

All Saints Close SPPSW

All Saints Road ASPS

Allanbrooke SPPM

Allington Close SMCH

Alma Road SPPSW

Ames Road SPPSW

Anglesea Centre SGG

Anglesea Place SGG

Appleshaw Close SMIF

Apsledene SMIF

Arethusa Place GHSM

Argles Close (3 and 4 only) GHSM

Ariel Close SA

Armoury Drive SPPM

Arnold Road CCM

Artemis Close SPPM

Arthur Street SGG

Arthur Street West SGG

Artillery Road SPPM

Ascot Road CCM

Ash Road HFG

Aspdin Road ASPS

Astra Drive Evens 2-78 SPPSH

Astra Drive Evens 80-end SA

Astra Drive Odds 1-119 SPPSH

Astra Drive Odds 119-end SA

Augustine Road SPPM

Austen Close GHSM

Austin Road ASPS

Avon Close CCM

B.R. Pier SGG

Bader Walk ASPS

Baker Hill Close ASPS

Baffin Road HFG

Baltic Wharf SGG

Bank Street SGG

Bankside SBNF

Barham Close SMCH

Barr Road SA

Barrack Row SGG

Bartlett Road SMG

Bath Street SGG

Bean Road GHSM

Beaton Close GHSM

Beatrice Gardens ASPS

Beaumont Drive SMR

Becket Mews HFG

Beckley Close SMCH

Bedford Road ASPS

Bellman Avenue SPPM

Beltana Drive SA

Belvedere Close SPPM

Bendigo Wharf GHSM

Bennett House SMG

Bentley Street SGG

Beresford Road SMR

Berkley Crescent SGG

Berkley Road SGG

Berkley Street SGG

Bernard Street SGG

Betsham Road Swanscombe SPPSW

Bevans Close SPPSW

Bligh Road SGG

Bodle Avenue SPPSW

Boleyn Way SPPSW

Bonaventure Court SA

Borland Close GHSM

Boucher Drive SMG

Bourne Road SA

Bowers Avenue ASPS

Bowesden Lane SPPSH

Bramble Mews HFG

Brandon Street SGG

Breakneck Hill GHSM

Brenchley Avenue SMIF

Brenda Terrace SPPSW

Brewers Road SPPSH

Brewhouse Yard SGG

Brightlands ASPS

Bristol Road HFG

Britannia Drive SA

Broad Road SPPSW

Broadwood Close SMIF

Bronte View SPPM

Brook Drive SMCH

Brook Road ASPS

Broomfield Road SPPSW

Brown Road SA

Brunswick Walk SPPM

Buckingham Road SBNF

Bucks Cross Road ASPS

Bull Yard SGG

Burch Road SMR

Burdett Avenue SPPSH

Burnaby Road SMR

Burton Road HFG

Bushfield Walk SPPSW

Butchers Hill SPPSH

Butchers Walk SPPSW

Bycliffe Terrace SGG

Caliph Close SA

Cambria Crescent SA

Cambrian Grove SGG

Campbell Road SGG

Campion Close ASPS

Canal Basin SPPM

Canal Road SPPM

Canon Walk SPPM

Canterbury Road CCM

Carl Ekman House SBNF

Carters Road ASPS

Carters Row ASPS

Castle Lane SMCH

Castle Road SPPSW

Castle Street SPPSW

Castle Street GHSM

Catwick Road CCM

Cecil Road ASPS

Cedar Avenue HFG

Central Avenue CCM

Central Station SGG

Cerne Road SA

Cervia Way SA

Chadwick Close ASPS

Chalk Park SMCH

Chalk Road SMCH

Chalky Bank SMIF

Challenge Close SA

Chantry Court SGG

Chapel Court SPPSW

Charles Street 1-25, 2-16 GHSM

Chartwell Court SPPSH

Chase Square SGG

Chaucer Road ASPS

Cheltenham Close SMIF

Cherrywood Drive ASPS

Chestnut Close SMR

Chichester Rise HFG

Chiffinch Gardens ASPS

Childs Crescent SPPSW

Chiltern Road ASPS

Christchurch Crescent SPPM

Christchurch Road SPPM

Christianfields Avenue HFG

Church Alley SGG

Church Lane SMCH

Church Path SBNF

Church Road SMIF

Church Road Swanscombe SPPSW

Church Street SGG

Church Walk (no Houses) CCM/SPPM

Churchill Road ASPS

Cimba Wood SA

Cirrus Crescent SA

Claphall ASPS

Clarence Place 1-29 SGG

Clarence Place 30-38 CCM

Clarence Row SGG

Clarence Street SGG

Clarendon Road SGG

Clifford House (Manor Road) SPPSW

Clifton Grove SGG

Clifton Marine Parade SGG

Clifton Road SGG

Clipper Crescent SA

Clive Road SGG

Clock Tower SGG

Cob Drive SPPSH

Cobham Close GHSM

Cobham Street SGG

Cobham Terrace GHSM

Cobsdene SMIF

Codrington Crescent HFG

Codrington Gardens HFG

Coldharbour Road ASPS

Coldharbour Road northside from New House Lane to Hospice SMG

College Road SBNF

Collington Close SMR

Colyer Road 167-end SBNF

Colyer Road 92-end SBNF

Colyer Road evens 2-90 ASPS

Colyer Road odds 1-165 ASPS

Commercial place SGG

Constable Road ASPS

Constitution Crescent CCM

Constitution Hill CCM

Coombe Road CCM

Cooper Road ASPS

Copperbeach Close SPPM

Copperfield Close SMCH

Cornwell Avenue CCM

Cotswold Road ASPS

Coulton Avenue ASPS

Council Avenue SBNF

Court Lodge SPPSH

Coutts Avenue SPPSH

Cowley Avenue 1-7 GHSM

Crawley Court SGG

Craylands Lane SPPSW

Craylands Square SPPSW

Creat View GHSM

Creek, The SBNF

Crete Hall Road SMR

Crooked Lane SGG

Cross Lane East CCM

Cross Lane West SMG

Cross Road SMR

Cross Street SGG

Crown Green SPPSH

Crown Lane SPPSH

Cruden Road SA

Cumberland Avenue SPPM

Customhouse Pier SGG

Cutmore Street SGG

Cutty Sark Court GHSM

Cygnet Gardens ASPS

Damigos Road SMCH

Damley Road SGG

Danes Close SBNF

Darenth Drive SMCH

Dashwood Road evens ASPS

Dashwood Road odds SMG

Davis Avenue ASPS

Davy’s Place evens SPPSH

Davy’s Place no. 1 only SA

Davy’s Place odds 3-37 SPPSH

Dene Holm Road ASPS

Dennis Road SMG

Denton Court Road SPPM

Denton Street SPPM

Detling Road SBNF

Devonshire Road CCM

Dial Close GHSM

Dickens Road SPPM

Dobson Road SMIF

Dogwood Close ASPS

Dorchester Road HFG

Doria Drive SA

Dorset Crescent SA

Dover Castle Hill SMIF

Dover Road SBNF

Dover Road East inc Bridge Inn ASPS

Dowding Walk ASPS

Drake Mews HFG

Dudley Road SBNF

Dunkirk Close HFG

Durndale Lane ASPS

Durrant Way SPPSW

Eagle Way SBNF

Eagles Road GHSM

Earl Road ASPS

East Crescent Road SGG

East Kent Avenue SBNF

East Milton Road SPPM

East Terrace SGG

Ebbs Fleet Walk SBNF

Echo Square CCM

Edwin Street SGG

Eglinton Road SPPSW

Eliott Street SPPM

Elizabeth Court SGG

Elizabeth Huggins Cottages SMG

Elm Road HFG

Elmfield Close SGG

Empress Road SPPM

Essex Road SGG

Evans Close GHSM

Everest Close ASPS

Evesham Road CCM

Exeter Road HFG

Eynsford Road GHSM

Factory Road SBNF

Falcon Mews ASPS

Farley Road SMCH

Farlow Close SMG

Farmcroft ASPS

Farriers Close SMCH

Ferguson Avenue HFG

Ferndale Road CCM

Fiddlers Close GHSM

Filborough Way SMCH

First Avenue ASPS

Fishermans Hill SBNF

Fiveash Road ASPS

Fleet Road SBNF

Ford Road SBNF

Forge Lane (Chalk) SPPSH/SMCH

Forge Lane Evens SA

Forge Lane Odds SA

Fortrye Close ASPS

Fountain Walk SMR

Franklin Road HFG

Freeman Road SA

Frobisher Way SA

Frobisher Way GHSM

Gabriel Gardens SA

Gabriel Gardens 6&8 SPPSH

Gainsborough Drive ASPS

Galley Hill Road SPPSW

Garden Road ASPS

Garden Row SMG

Garrick Street SGG

Gasson Road SPPSW

Gazelle Glade SPPSH

Genesta Glade SPPSH

Gerald Road SPPM

Gibson Close ASPS

Gilbert Close SPPSW

Gill Crescent SMG

Glebe Road ASPS

Glen View CCM

Glendale Road ASPS

Glenrosa Gardens SPPSH

Globe Yard SGG

Gloucester Road HFG

Golf Links Avenue SMIF

Goodwood Crescent SMIF

Gordon Place SGG

Gordon Promenade SPPM

Gordon Road SMR

Gouge Avenue ASPS

Granby Road SBNF

Grange Road SGG

Grangeways Close ASPS

Granville Road SGG

Granville Road (part no houses) ASPS

Gravesend Barracks SPPM

Gravesend Road (Thamesview-Seatonhurst-Loch Aish-Tuckers) SPPSH

Gravesham Court SGG

Green Farm Lane SPPSH

Greendale Walk ASPS

Greenhill Road ASPS

Grieves Road SMG

Grove Road SBNF

Gunfleet Close SPPM

Gunn Road SPPSW

Gwynn Road SBNF

Hale Cottages GHSM

Hall Road 1-133 SBNF

Hall Road 135-197 ASPS

Hamerton Road SBNF

Hampton Crescent SA

Harden Road ASPS

Hardy Avenue ASPS

Harfield Place SBNF

Harman Avenue SMIF

Harmer Road SPPSW

Harmer Street SGG

Harris Close ASPS

Harrowby Gardens ASPS

Hartfield Place SBNF

Hartshill Road ASPS

Hasted Close SPPSW

Hatton Close ASPS

Havelock Road (to Mayfield Rd) SGG

Havelock Road 94-120 ASPS

Havemore Close SPPM

Havengore Avenue SPPM

Havisham Road SMCH

Hawkins Avenue HFG

Hawthorn Close HFG

Haynes Road SMG

Hazard House SGG

Henley Deane ASPS

Henshurst Road SMIF

Herbert Road SPPSW

Heritage Quay SGG

Hever Court Road SMIF

Hevercourt SMIF

Hibernia Drive SA

High Street Greenhithe GHSM

High Street Gravesend SGG

High Street Northfleet SBNF

High Street Swanscombe SPPSW

Hilary Avenue ASPS

Hillcrest Drive GHSM

Hillingdon Road SMG

Hillside Avenue Evens 2-68 CCM

Hillside Avenue no 70 SA

Hillside Avenue odds CCM

Hillside Drive CCM

Hillside Terrace CCM

Hog Lane ASPS

Hollands Close SPPSH

Hollybush Road CCM

Homemead SGG

Homemead Close SGG

Hookfields ASPS

Hope Road SPPSW

Hopewell Drive 2-4 SA

Hopewell Drive, rest SPPSH

Horn Yard SGG

Hudson Close HFG

Huggens College SBNF

Hunt Road ASPS

Huntley Avenue SBNF

Ifield Court Farm SMIF

Ifield Way SMIF

Imperial Drive SA

Ingoldsby Road SPPM

Ingress Gardens GHSM

Ionia Walk SA

Irving Walk SPPSW

Ivy Bower Close GHSM

Ivy Close HFG

Ivy Villas GHSM

Jellicoe Avenue evens CCM

Jellicoe Avenue odds HFG

Jellicoe Avenue West CCM

Johnson Close ASPS

Johnson Way SPPSW

Joy Road CCM

Jubilee Close GHSM

Jubilee Crescent SA

Judeth Gardens SA

Jury Street SGG

Keary Road SPPSW

Kelso Drive SA

Kempthorne Street SGG

Kemsley Close ASPS

Kemsley Close GHSM

Kenia Walk SA

Kent Road SGG

Khartoum Place SGG

Kiln Down SMIF

King Edward Road GHSM

King Street SGG

King’s Drive odds CCM

King’s Drive: 58,60,62,URCch CCM

King’sDrive evens HFG

Kingsdown Close SMCH

Kingston Court SBNF

Kitchener Avenue 1-23 CCM

Kitchener Avenue 2-56 CCM

Kitchener Avenue 25-end HFG

Kitchener Avenue 58-end HFG

Knockhall Chase GHSM

Knockhall Road 1a-43, 4a – 102, 83 – 131, 106 – 144 GHSM

Laburnum Grove SBNF

Ladyfields ASPS

Lamorna Avenue CCM

Lancaster Court HFG

Lander Close HFG

Landseer Avenue ASPS

Lane Avenue GHSM

Lanes Avenue SMG

Langdale Walk ASPS

Lansdown Place ASPS

Lansdowne Square SMR

Lapis Close SMCH

Larkfields ASPS

Latona Drive SA

Laurel Avenue CCM

Lawn Road SBNF

Lawrence Square SMG

Leander Drive SA

Leigh Road SMG

Leith Park Road CCM

Lennox Avenue SGG

Lennox Road SGG

Lennox Road East SGG

Leonard Avenue SPPSW

Lewis Court ASPS

Lewis Road, Swanscombe SPPSW

Lime Avenue SBNF

Lindisfarne Close SA

Lingfield Road CCM

Lion Parade SA

Lisle Close SMCH

Livingstone Gardens HFG

Livingstone Road HFG

London Road (George & Dragon) SPPSW

London Road 1-21 SBNF

London Road 1-46, 174 – 232 GHSM

London Road 23-139 SMR

Lord Street SGG

Lorton Close SA

Love Lane SPPM

Low Close GHSM

Lower Higham Road SMCH

Lower Range Road SPPM

Lower Road SPPSH

Lydia Cottages SGG

Lynton Road SGG

Lynton Road South SMG

Mackenzie Way SMIF

Maclean Terrace SA

Madden Close SPPSW

Mallory Close HFG

Mallow Close ASPS

Malthouse Lane SPPSH

Malvina Avenue CCM

Manor Close SMCH

Manor Fields SPPSH

Manor Road SGG

Manor Road, Swanscombe SPPSW

Maple Road HFG

Marconi Road ASPS

Marina Drive SMR

Mariners Court GHSM

Maritime Close GHSM

Mark Lane SPPM

Market Yard SGG

Marks Square SMG

Marling Way 2-52 SPPSH

Marling Way 65-193 SA

Marling Way evens 54-136 SA

Marling Way odds 1-63 SPPSH

Marriotts Wharf SGG

Martin House SMG

Masefield Road ASPS

May Avenue ASPS

Mayfield Road ASPS

Maypole Road SMCH

McMillan Close HFG

Mead Road SMG

Meadow Road SMG

Medbury Road SMCH

Medhurst Crescent SA

Medhurst Gardens SA

Melbourne Quay SGG

Mermerus Gardens SA

Michael Gardens SPPSH

Mike Spring Court HFG

Mill Hill Lane SPPSH

Mill Road SMR

Miller Road SMCH

Millfield Drive ASPS

Milroy Avenue ASPS

Milton Avenue CCM

Milton Hall Road SPPM

Milton Place SGG

Milton Road 129-157 SGG

Milton Road 1-32 SGG

Milton Road, Swanscombe SPPSW

Milton Street SPPSW

Miskin Way SMIF

Mitchell Avenue 2-66 ASPS

Mitchell Avenue odds SBNF

Mitchell Walk SPPSW

Montgomery Close HFG

Moore Road SPPSW

Mount Nod GHSM

Mounts Road GHSM

Mounts Road 22 – Bridge View, 67 – Serendib GHSM

Mulberry Road ASPS

Mullinder Court SMCH

Munford Drive SPPSW

Mungo Park Road HFG

Nansen Road HFG

Napier Road ASPS

Nash Croft ASPS

Nash Street (North Side) SMIF

Nash Street (South Side) SMNursted

Nelson Court CCM

Nelson Road ASPS

New House Lane evens ASPS

New House Lane odds inc Woodlands Park SMG

New Road SGG

New Street SGG

New Swan Yard SGG

Newmans Road ASPS

Newton Abbot Road ASPS

Nickleby Road SMCH

Nightingale Close ASPS

Nine Elms Grove SGG

Norfolk Road SPPM

Normans Close SGG

North Kent Avenue SBNF

North Lane SMIF

North Ridge Road CCM

North Star Boulevard GHSM

North Street SGG

Northcote Road ASPS

Nursery Grove SMIF

Nursery Mews SMIF

Oak Road HFG

Oaklands Road ASPS

Old Manor Drive CCM

Old Perry Street ASPS

Old Road East 101-299 SPPM

Old Road East 164-170 SA

Old Road East 172-end SA

Old Road East 1-99A CCM

Old Road East 2-162 CCM

Old Road West 1-137 SMG

Old Road West 139-end ASPS

Old Road West 2-250 SGG

Old Watling Street SMIF

Orchard Avenue SMIF

Orchard Road, Northfleet SBNF

Orchard Road, Swanscombe SPPSW

Ordnance Road SPPM

Orlick Road SMCH

Osney Way SMCH

Overcliffe SGG

Oxford Close SMCH

Packham Road SMG

Painters Ash Lane 2-34 ASPS

Painters Ash Lane odds SBNF

Palmer Avenue HFG

Park Avenue CCM

Park Avenue, Perry Street ASPS

Park Place SPPM

Park Road SMG

Park Road, Swanscombe SPPSW

Park Terrace GHSM

Parrock Avenue CCM

Parrock Road 2-34 SPPM

Parrock Road 36-end CCM

Parrock Road odds CCM

Parrock Street SGG

Peach Croft ASPS

Peacock Street SGG

Pear Tree Lane SPPSH

Pegasus Court CCM

Pelham Road SGG

Pelham Road South ASPS

Pelham Terrace SGG

Pennine Way ASPS

Pepper Hill SBNF

Pepys Close ASPS

Perry Street ASPS

Peter Street SGG

Pickwick Gardens ASPS

Pier Road SMR

Pier Road GHSM

Pilgrims Road SPPSW

Pilgrims View SPPSW

Pilots Place SGG

Pine Avenue SPPM

Pinnocks Avenue SMG

Pirrip Close SMCH

Plane Avenue SBNF

Pondfield Lane SPPSH

Poplar Avenue HFG

Porchfield Close CCM

Port Avenue GHSM

Portland Avenue CCM

Portland Road SGG

Portland Villas CCM

Preston Road ASPS

Priests Walk SMCH

Primrose Terrace CCM

Princes Road HFG

Princes Street SGG

Prospect Grove SPPM

Prospect Place SPPM

Providence Street GHSM

Quay Lane GHSM

Queen Street SGG

Queens Farm Road SPPSH

Queens Road HFG

Racefield Close SPPSH

Radburn Place SPPSW

Railway Place SGG

Railway Street SBNF

Raleigh Close HFG

Ranalagh Gardens SMR

Range Road SPPM

Raphael Road SPPM

Rathmore Road SGG

Rectory Road SPPSW

Regents Court SGG

Rembrandt Drive ASPS

Reservoir Close GHSM

Richmond Drive SA

Ridgeway Avenue CCM

River Bank SPPM

Riversdale ASPS

Riverview Road GHSM

Road Way SMIF

Robert Dtreet SGG

Robinia Avenue SBNF

Robyns Croft ASPS

Rochester Road 1-179 SPPM

Rochester Road 181-343 SMCH

Rochester Road 186-388 SMCH

Rochester Road 2-184 SPPM

Roehampton Close SPPM

Roman Road SBNF

Romney Road ASPS

Rose Avenue SPPM

Rose Street SBNF

Rosewood Mews HFG

Rouge Lane CCM

Royal Oak Terrace CCM

Royal Pier Road SGG

Royal Terrace Pier SGG

Ruffets Wood SMIF

Rumania Walk SA

Rural Vale SMR

Russell Road SPPM

Ryecroft (Chartwell Court) SPPSH

Saddington Street SGG

Salcote Road SA

Salem Place SBNF

Salisbury Road ASPS

Sandown Road SMIF

Sandybank Road CCM

Sapho Park SA

Sara Crescent GHSM

Sara Park SA

Saunders Close ASPS

Saxon Close SBNF

Saxon Court SPPSW

Sayer Close GHSM

School Road CCM

Scott Road HFG

Sewage Works Approach Road SPPM

Seymour Road ASPS

Seymour Walk SPPSW

Shamrock Road SPPM

Sharland Road CCM

Shepherd Street SBNF

Sheppey Place SGG

Shirley Close SMCH

Shorne Ifield Road SPPSH

Shrubbery Road CCM

Silver Road SA

Singlewell Lane CCM

Singlewell Road 2-306 CCM

Singlewell Road 241-277 CCM

Singlewell Road 277-end SMIF

Singlewell Road 308-end SMIF

Singlewell Road- Southfields & King’s Farm Schools HFG

Singlewell Road1-239inc.golfclub SMG

Sirdar Strand SA

Skippers Close GHSM

Smarts Road CCM

Smugglers Walk GHSM

Snelling Avenue ASPS

Sorrel Way ASPS

South Hill Road CCM

South Kent Avenue SBNF

South Street SGG

Southfields Green SMIF

Southfleet Road ASPS/SPPSW

Spencer Street SGG

Spire Close CCM

Spring Grove CCM

Spring Vale GHSM

Springhead Nurseries SBNF

Springhead Road SBNF

St Aidan’s Way SA

St Alban’s Cloose SA

St Alban’s Gardens SA

St Andrew’s Gardens SGG

St Andrew’s Road SGG

St Andrews Court SGG

St Benedict’s Avenue SA

St Botolph Road SBNF

St Chad’s Drive SA

St Clement’s Close SMG

St Columba’s Close SA

St David’s Crescent SA

St Dunstan’s Drive SA

St Francis Avenue SA

St George’s Centre SGG

St George’s Crescent SA

St Gregory’s Court SA

St Gregory’s Crescent SA

St Hilda’s Way SA

St James Oaks SGG

St James’ Avenue SGG

St James’ Road SGG

St James’ Street SGG

St John’s Road SPPM

St Margaret’s Crescent SA

St Margaret’s Road ASPS

St Mark’s Avenue SMR

St Mary’s Close CCM

St Patrick’s Gardens SA

St Thomas Alms Houses SMG

St Thomas’ Avenue SMG

St Thomas’ Road ASPS

Stacey Close SMIF

Stanbrook Road ASPS

Stanhope Road SPPSW

Stanley Crescent HFG

Stanley Road ASPS/SPPSW

Starboard Avenue GHSM

Station Road SBNF

Station Road GHSM

Steele Avenue 1-11, 2, 18 GHSM

Stone Street SGG

Stonebridge Road SBNF

Stoney Corner SBNF

Stornaway Strand SA

Struttons Avenue ASPS

Stuart Road SGG

Suffolk Road SPPM

Sun Lane CCM

Sun Road SPPSW

Sunning Hill ASPS

Sunnyside CCM

Sutherland Close SMCH

Swallowfields ASPS

Swanscombe Street SPPSW

Sweyne Road SPPSW

Swillers Lane SPPSH

Sycamore Close SPPM

Tamesis Strand SA

Tanyard Hill SPPSH

Taunton Road (N’fleet postal) SPPSW

Taunton Vale HFG

Templar Drive SMIF

Tennyson Walk ASPS

Tensing Avenue ASPS

Terence Close SMCH

Terrace Street SGG

Thames Way SGG

Thamesgate Shopping Centre SGG

The Avenue SGG

The Avenue GHSM

The Clovers ASPS

The Creek SBNF

The Crescent ASPS

The Crescent GHSM

The Curlews CCM

The Downage ASPS

The Drive SA

The Fairway SMG

The Foreshore GHSM

The Glades SMIF

The Grove SGG

The Grove Swanscombe SPPSW

The Hedgerows ASPS

The Hill SBNF

The Hive SBNF

The Hollies SMIF

The Lapwings CCM

The Maltings SGG

The Parade SPPSW

The Parrock CCM

The Ridgeway SPPSH

The Rise SA

The Sandpipers CCM

The Shore SBNF

The Street SPPSH

The Terrace SGG

The Turnstones CCM

The Warren SA

The Yews CCM

Thelma Close SA

Third Avenue ASPS

Thistle Road SPPM

Thistledown SMIF

Thomas Drive CCM

Thomas Drive evens 32-36 SA

Thong Lane 102-342 SA

Thong Lane 105-end SA

Thong Lane 1-103 SMCH

Thong Lane 2-100 SMCH

Thong Lane 344-356 SPPSH

Tivoli Gardens CCM

Toll Gate SMIF

Tooley Street SBNF

Torrens Walk SA

Tower Close SA

Town Hall SGG

Town Pier SGG

Town Pier Square SGG

Townfield Corner SPPM

Trafalgar Road SGG

Trebble Road SPPSW

Tree Tops CCM

Trinity Road SPPM

Trivett Close 1-7, 16 – 19 GHSM

Trosley Avenue SMG

Truro Road HFG

Tudor Close ASPS

Turnstones, The CCM

Vale Road 1-93 SBNF

Vale Road 4-end ASPS

Vale Road 95-end ASPS

Vale Road, no 2 SBNF

Valley Drive 1-361 SA

Valley Drive 2-268 SA

Valley Drive 270-340 HFG

Valley Drive 342-end SMIF

Valley Drive 361-407 SMIF

Valley Drive 409-411 SPPSH

Valley Gardens GHSM

Valley Lodge SMIF

Valley View GHSM

Vanessa Walk SA

Vanquisher Walk SA

Vauxhall Close SMR

Vernon Road SPPSW

Verona Gardens SA

Via Romana SMCH

Vicarage Court SMCH

Vicarage Drive SBNF

Vicarage Lane SMCH

Victoria Avenue SGG

Victoria Road ASPS

Vigilant Way 1-73 SPPSH

Vigilant Way 2-66 SA

Vigilant Way 68-78 SPPSH

Vigilant Way 75-end SA

Viking Road SBNF

Villa Close SMCH

Vine Court SGG

Virginia Walk SMIF

Wakefield Close GHSM

Wakefield Street SGG

Wallace Gardens SPPSW

Wallis Park SBNF

Walmers Avenue 52-58, 49-53 SPPSH

Walnut Tree Place ASPS

Warren View SPPSH

Warrior Avenue HFG

Warwick Place SBNF

Waterdales 1-151 ASPS

Waterdales 153-end SBNF

Waterdales 154-end SBNF

Waterdales 2-152 ASPS

Waterloo Street SGG

Waterton Avenue SPPM

Watling Street SMIF

Watling Street Clay Lane Cott. SPPSH

Way Volante SA

Weavers Close SGG

Wellington Street SGG

Wentworth Close SMIF

West Crescent Road SGG

West Kent Avenue SBNF

West Street SGG

Westcot Avenue SMG

Westcourt Lane SMCH

Westfield Close SMIF

Westhill Close CCM

Weston Cross Close SPPSW

Wharf Road SPPM

Whinfell Way SA

White Avenue SMG

White Hart Yard SGG

Whitehill Lane HFG

Whitehill Parade HFG

Whitehill Road CCM

Whites Close SPPSW

Wilberforce Way HFG

Wilfred Street SGG

William Street SGG

Wimbourne House HFG

Winchester Crescent SA

Windhover Way SA

Windmill Street 1-84 + 90-end SGG

Windmill Street 88,89 CCM

Windmill Street Portland Villas CCM

Windmill Street Sunnyside CCM

Windmill Street Tivoli Gdns CCM

Windsor Road CCM

Wingfield Road SGG

Winters Croft SMIF

Wombwell Gardens ASPS

Woodfield Avenue SMG

Woodland Way GHSM

Woodlands Lane SPPSH

Woods Terrace CCM

Woodville Cottages SPPM

Woodville Place SGG

Worcester Close GHSM

Wrens Croft ASPS

Wrights Close SPPSW

Wrotham Road evens 122-192 SMG

Wrotham Road evens 2-120 SGG

Wrotham Road evens 350-Nash St SMIF

Wrotham Road odds 1-185 SGG

Wrotham Road odds 187-241 SMG

Wycliffe Road ASPS

Wycliffe Row ASPS

Wye Road CCM

York Road HFG

York Road, N’fleet SBNF

Zion Place SGG


ASPS All Saints, Perry Street, Gravesend.

CCM Christchurch, Old Road East, Gravesend

GHSM Greenhithe, Saint Mary, London Road, Greenhithe.

HFG Holy Family, Palmer Avenue, Gravesend

SA St Aidan, St Aiden’s Way, Gravesend

SBNF St Botolph, Northfleet; The Hill, Northfleet.

SGG St George, Church Street, Gravesend

SMCH Chalk, St Mary, Church Lane Chalk.

SMG St Mary, Wrotham Road, Gravesend

SMIF Ifield, St Margaret; Church Road, Ifield.

SMN St Mark Rosherville; 123 London Road, Rosherville.

SPPM St Peter & St Paul, Milton next Gravesend, East Milton Road, Milton

SPPSH St Peter & St Paul, Shorne; Butchers Hill, Shorne.

SPPSW St Peter & St Paul, Swanscombe Street, Swanscombe.