Our Vision

Ask anyone who has been in Ossett or Gawthorpe for while, and they will have an opinion about Trinity or Holy Trinity Church. We like this! The church is here for the people of Ossett and Gawthorpe.

> Story. Our vision has always included the preservation of the heritage of the church, and as a body of Christians we love to share the story of the church and our Christian faith with real passion. We want to be Jesus Shaped people who have a real integrity in our faith and commitment. We seek to bring the stories to life, whether it be the founding funders of the church from the 19th century, characters like Noah and Mary in the stained glass windows, or celebrating the stories of individuals in Ossett and Gawthorpe, from work in traditional woollen mills or coal mines, last century, to contemporary stories of transformation, healing and hope.

> Community Care. We focus on community care and service in many different ways. Through baptisms/christenings, weddings and funerals for many families in the community. Also through our regular Alpha and Omega clubs for many years serving local children and families most weekdays throughout the year. Our work with residential provision for older people . Our links with schools. Our involvement in community events like the Maypole weekend and Coal Race. We pray faithfully for people who are ill or facing challenges in their lives.

> Colour & Wildlife. The churchyard has seen some great improvements over recent years, but we want to work with the community to preserve and protect the wildlife, flowers, trees and plants, preserving and enhancing this as a sacred space for the memory of those who have died. There will, soon be a sign highlighting the 20 war graves in the churchyard. We'd like plantings to bring colour and distinctiveness to the churchyard throughout the year.

> Sounds and silence. The church and Trinity Centre can contain the loudest sounds of joyful children, brass bands, voices and music, but at times the silence in Trinity Church can bring people to their knees in tears. We are so thankful for the character of the buildings, for the many different users and uses that cross the threshold each year. The magic of Christmas trees, the poignancy of Remembrance services, the pure joy of school and EOCT choirs.

This is a vision of the way we work in partnership with the local community. Perhaps you are already feeling part of it, maybe you want to find out more. Come and explore!