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Dear Friends,

Christmas is about to begin, but this email is a brief glimpse into the next season, which is after all only two weeks away.

I have great pleasure in sending you the Epiphany Prayer Card.

As we look to 2022, Bishop Rose invites us to continue reflecting on her 4 episcopal priorities: prayer, Bible reading, evangelism and generosity, but with a particular emphasis on generosity. We live in times when life can feel constrained by restrictions and diminished by shortages and lack. People struggle to make ends meet; churches struggle to make ends meet. Against this backdrop of ‘not enough’ resources and ‘not ideal’ circumstances, what does generosity look like?

Of one thing I’m sure – the best place to begin a conversation about the deepest, fullest meaning of generosity is in prayer, and that’s what we’ve set out to do in this Prayer Card.

Primrose’s beautiful image imagines a place where travellers and sages from distant lands encounter the Christ-child. In the Gospel story, the wise men were famous for the gifts they brought, but what about the gifts they received? Surely, time spent with Jesus and his family would have been an outpouring of grace into their own lives.

The words of the collect and prayer points pick up this truth that generosity is a wonderfully multi-directional thing. We receive and give; we give because we have received; we receive because we chose to give; we give to others and God counts it gift to Godself; we receive from others and it comes as a gift from God.

As you use this image and these words over the Epiphany season, we hope and pray you will catch something of the joyful flow and counter-flow of generosity.

I attach the full Prayer Card, and also a stand-alone copy of the image so that you can use it in whichever way you find most helpful.

The card can also be found here, should you prefer to circulate a link rather than an attachment:

Please do feel free to use the image and/or the words in your gathered worship, your morning or evening prayer, your parish publications, your home visits and those opportunities which arise to pray with people in your local community … not to mention your own prayer time.

Please do include a credit to Primrose Northrop wherever you use the image.

Please also find attached January’s calendar.

If you know of anyone who would like to receive prayer update emails from us, please ask them to sign up here:

May you know the unstinting goodness of God throughout the coming weeks, and may every act of generosity you participate in be full of joy.

Lyndall Bywater

Changing Lives Prayer Network Co-ordinator

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