Benefice Newsletter for Sunday 14th July 2024

14th July 2024

News Letter

Seventh Sunday after Trinity

Sunday's readings:-

Ephesians 1: 3 - 14

Mark 6: 14 - 29


09:00 am Lynsted, Morning Prayer also

live streamed on Facebook

10:30 am Lynsted, Family Friendly Service

10:30 am Newnham, Holy Communion

10:30 am Oare, Holy Communion

10:30 am Throwley, Morning Prayers

Parish Events

Family Food Bank

The Family food bank is really short on the following :-

Tinned Meat (Curry, Chilli, Meat Balls, Hot Dogs, etc.);

Tinned Fish; Tinned Soup; Cereal; Long Life Milk; Tea/Coffee; Tinned Veg (Potatoes, Peas, Carrots, etc); Pasta; Pasta Sauce; Tinned Desserts (Fruit, Custard, Rice Pudding, etc.);

Preservatives (Jam, Marmalade) and Biscuits.

Collection boxes can be found in each church

more information can be found

Foodbank Donations

All donations of food, you can now take to Teynham School

Monday to Friday in school term hours


Doddington Village Hall

Every Friday 9:00 - 10:30

Term Time Only

Children can also bring their parents to

play, talk and have coffee 😁

Kingsdown, Creekside and High Downs Prayer Diary

July 14th

Praying for our church family meeting to worship today. May our services be filled with the joyful expectation of the Holy Spirit.

July 15th

We pray for peace between nations, peace between neighbours, peace within ourselves.

July 16th

Bless the house group meeting this evening, and all the small prayer groups that meet to support each other and the needs of our world.

July 17th

Praying for those who work for a fairer, more inclusive society and who challenge prejudice and abuse of power. Increase our

awareness and empathy for others who are very different to ourselves.

July 18th

Praying for the Leavers Service at Eastling School and for all the children who will be celebrating achievements and also leaving behind familiar ways and good friends.

July 19th

Today we remember all those who are in prisoned: prisoners of conscience; policitcal prisoners; those who are tortured; and those detained without trial. God of justice, transform, guide and strengthen all those in prison whatever the reason, and bring them to new life in you.

July 20th

We pray for all those involved in healing; through the NHS or through alternative therapies. Bless and direct their work to bring health and wholeness, and healing even when cure is not possible.

Church Events


Our Congratulations and Prayers on the marriage of:-

Agnes Kenny &

Martin McGarvey

6th July

Throwley Church

Nikita Wilkinson &

Billy Coe

27th July

Oare Church


We welcome these babies and their Godparents into the family of God

Arthur Browning

21st July

Norton Church

Samantha Stowell

21st July

Wychling Church


Our Prayers for the family and friends of :-

Alan Bingham

12th July

Teynham Church

Pamela Hawkins

17th July

Doddington Church

Samantha Floodgate

18th July

Oare Church

Growbaby Club

is held in Lynsted Church - ME9 0RQ

Call Karen on 01795 521831 for more information

09:00 - 12:00

1st Thursday EVERY MONTH

Come along and meet other mothers

share stories, help each other and

collect whatever clothing you may need.

Stalisfield Youth Club

Wednesday's Every Two Weeks

17th July at 7pm

Stalisfield Village Hall

Years 7 - 11

💡? Have you an idea ?💭

Would you like to take part in another walk?

Would you like the 👣 to be somewhere else?

Would you rather we did something else?

Send your ideas and suggestions to Lissie Bayford

[email protected]


8th Sunday after Trinity

21st July 2024

Ephesians 2: 11 - end

& Mark 6: 30 - 34, 53 - end

09:00am Lynsted, Morning Prayer also

live streamed on Facebook

10:30am Doddington, Morning Worship

10:30am Eastling, Morning Worship

10:30am Norton, Holy Communion & Baptism

10:30am Teynham, Holy Communion

06:00pm Lynsted, Cornerstone

a non formal Gospel type service

Wednesday 24th July

11:00am Wychling, Holy Communion

Let's stay connected!

The Ministry Leadership Team would be pleased to pray for you

or someone close to you.

Rev Paula Jardine-Rose - 07516 411269

Email [email protected]

Rev JimPye: 07851 680612 Work days, Wednesday, Thursday

Email [email protected]

Mary Gollop 522165
Les & Barbara Roberts 886332
Pim Baxter 890598

Sue Baldry: 522975

Caroline Ramshaw - Anna Chaplaincy

[email protected] or 07799 538809

Benefice Administrator: Joyce Warren is available on

[email protected] or 01795 521831

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