Church of England Diocese of Manchester Newton Heath

Baptism - from June 21st all being well.

Infant Baptism All Saints, Newton Heath


The worshiping community here at All Saints welcomes you and shares the joy of all who come for baptism.

What is baptism?

In baptism, you as parents are thanking God for his gift of life; deciding to start your child on the journey of faith and asking for the Church's support in this.

For your child, baptism marks the start of a journey of faith, which involves turning away from the darkness of self-centredness, turning towards Christ and becoming a member of the local and worldwide Christian family.

Baptism is a ‘sacrament’: a visible sign of God's love. In baptism, we are thanking God for his gift of life and publicly acknowledging his love. We are acknowledging that we all need to turn away from the darkness of evil and to make a new start with God.

Shouldn't our children make their own decisions?

Some people worry that they are imposing views on their children; but from the moment they are born, you make choices on their behalf. You don't wait until they are old enough to ask for milk before you feed them and in the same way it is right to give them spiritual nourishment and teach them about the love of God from an early age. When they are old enough they may choose to be confirmed and to make an adult affirmation of faith.

Godparents and Sponsors

The most important part of choosing a godparent is asking the question whether that person will keep the promises made at baptism and provide support and guidance as the child grows up. Ideally and strictly speaking a godparent should be both baptised and confirmed. It is not possible to be a godparent if you are not baptised. You can ask un-baptised friends or relatives to be sponsors. Godparents and sponsors ought to be over 16 years of age. Sometimes it is asked that adults be baptised at the same ceremony as infants so that they can stand as god-parents. . This is one of the reasons why we build in a period of three months’ notice before a baptism service so that this kind of preparation can take place.

Making those decisions and promises

When you come for baptism, you will be asked to declare publicly that you believe in God and that you will follow Jesus Christ and help your child or godchild to do so.

During the service, you will be asked to make the following declarations:

Do you turn to Christ?

I turn to Christ

Do you repent of your sins?

I repent of my sins

Do you renounce evil?

I renounce evil.

Later in the service you will be asked to affirm your faith in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Immediately after this the moment of baptism occurs.


Baptisms at All Saints are normally on the first Sundays of every month. We can accommodate four families at a time. If that first Sunday fills up then are happy to offer baptism on the third Sunday too.

This is a big day. Although the moment of baptism is brief, it is important to prepare for it properly especially if adults need also to be prepared for baptism in order to stand as a godparent for a child. On the whole, we would expect there to be a gap of at least three months between the point of booking and the date of the service.

How to book

In the first instance, contact us on 0161 219 1807 or [email protected], or even better join us on a Sunday at 11.00 am.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for a service of baptism, but there is a cost for the church which we are happy to accommodate. However, we would like to think that those attending might also make a donation after the service to help the work of the church: it costs between £1400 and £1500 a week to keep the church open and a minister in post, and that’s without the cost of our restoration programme.

What happens next?

We will confirm the date very shortly after you “book” it. Nearer the time one of us will be in touch to come and pay you a visit to double-check the details on the form. We would also like you to attend church a couple of times too, if you don't already attend. Baptism makes you a member of the community here. You never know, you might like it. There will be an opportunity to have a cup of coffee and meet each other.

A Service of Thanksgiving

If you don’t feel that baptism is appropriate but want to celebrate and share your joy at your new arrival, you may wish to ask us about having a service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child. In this service, you thank God for the gift of your child and the child is blessed. You do not make the same promises as in the Baptism service.

If you choose to have a Thanksgiving, you may also have a Baptism service for your child at a later date.