All Saints PCC

This is the governing body and consists of representatives of communicant members whose names are entered on the Electoral Roll - updated every year and drawn up from scratch every six.
The number of members depends on the size of the electoral roll.   The Incumbent and Church Wardens are ex officio members of the council.   Members are charitable trustees, as the council is a charitable body which exists for the purposes of the furtherance of religion.   (Ours is currently neither incorporated nor registered with the Charities Commission for now as our regular 'turnover' does not make this compulsory.)  The council is required to meet a minimum of four times a year.   Ours meets six times a year, in alternate months.  However, should the need arise extraordinary meetings can be called.

The legal framework of PCCs (and and other governance bodies, known as synods, and instruments) is contained in 'The Church Representation Rules' available online.

The proceedings of the council are in the public domain, and the proceedings of meetings, after the minutes of each meeting have been agreed at the next, subject to Data Protection protocols requiring redactions from the minutes, are to be displayed or made available to members of the public upon request.

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