Living in Love and Faith

Living in Love and Faith is the Church of England’s national conversation about human identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage. It is about learning and listening to one another and to God. The Living in Love and Faith process is, at its heart, an invitation to learn though conversations with others. A range of resources is available to support this and more details can be found on our dedicated LLF webpage:


Discussions are taking place in each deanery over the coming weeks. There are five LLF sessions in each deanery course, and each will explore a particular topic and include teaching, reflection, discussion, Bible study, and prayer.

Bishop David says, "For a good number of months [ in 2021] communities across our diocese have been quietly engaging with the Pastoral Principles materials as well as the full range of resources provided as part of Living in Love and Faith. The time is quickly drawing near where the period for formal feedback is closing and there are a range of deanery-wide courses (virtual and in-person) available across the diocese. I strongly urge all of us (as we have done in the Bishop’s Leadership Team) to listen and to engage with the full range of belief and opinion in our diocesan family as we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus Christ and the riches of his grace."