Gift Aid, Bequests, Donations and Gifts of time and talent

Churches always seem to be fund-raising but sadly this is vital if we are to continue to provide Christian ministry for the parish in the 21st century, as we are reliant on charitable giving by various means.

A large part of our expenditure is the annual Parish Share, an amount paid to the Diocese mainly for the salary, housing, training and pensions of the clergy. In addition we have to pay for maintaining our building, its insurance, heating, lighting and cleaning, as well as day-to-day expenses and administration costs. We also aid others where possible by giving to charities such as Bicycles for Uganda, The Children’s Society, Christian Aid and Naomi House to name a few.

Our income is generated in many ways, for example, Church collections, gift-aided giving, donations, legacies, fetes, sales, quizzes and fees for weddings or funerals etc.

How you can help

There are several ways you can donate to the Church today, and if you would like to do so by a regular gift, a single donation or a gift in memory of someone special we would be pleased to hear from you.

If you are UK taxpayer, you can add 28% to your donation, at no extra cost, through the Gift Aid Scheme making your donation go even further.

(If you are a higher rate tax payer you can reclaim the difference between the basic rate and higher rate through your tax return e.g. £10.00 donation, St. Margaret’s receives an additional £2.80 Gift Aid and you can claim a £2.30 refund on your tax return)

Making a regular gift - helps St. Margaret’s Church to make more confident future plans. You can do this through the weekly envelope scheme, by Standing Order from your Bank Account or the Parish Giving Scheme at : please contact us via the 'Get in touch' page or alternatively ask a Churchwarden or a member of the Clergy.

Sending us a donation by post – A lot of people doing a little really helps, all donations are appreciated. Please ask for a donation form, email us using the 'Get in touch' page.

If you would like to donate directly using a bank card, either monthly or a single one off payment, please use the following link to access our donations page  

Bequest - Many people bequeath a gift of money to the church in their will and we are most grateful for this generosity. For further advice about this please visit

Gifts of time and talents – The precious gifts of time and talents are also a great boon to the Church; everyone is able to help, whatever their circumstances. St. Margaret’s Church is very grateful for the generosity of people willing to give their time to help in all sorts of ways. Please contact us 'Get in touch' page or alternatively ask a Churchwarden or a member of the Clergy.