Celebrating a New Arrival in your Family

We are open for baptisms but please, if you want to book a baptism from May to August 2023, do read the section marked **** below.

All Saints' Church has seen many stories unfold within its walls over the years and now, we invite your story to become part of our story. We are an Inclusive Church , which means that all types of families, regardless of sexuality or gender identity, relationship status and including those of solo parents and blended families can truly have confidence that they and their child will be welcomed by and into our church family. 

Your first step is to either come along to a service any Sunday at 10am or call our Baptisms Coordinator, Stella Hardy, on 01909 472686 or 07891 885724. We ask both parents, or the solo parent, to consider carefully whether baptism is right for them. The Church will not take it lightly, we regard it as much more than just something to tick off the list before a child's first birthday; it is crucial that, if there are two parents, both are supportive and engaged in the journey to and from baptism. 

Baptism is not compulsory and we will actively support any parent who is not ready to make such huge, lifelong promises. An alternative to baptism called 'Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child' (TFGC) is available instead of baptism. Unlike baptism, TFGC can take place at a venue of your choice, requires no big promises and can still be a stepping stone to baptism later in a child's life.

You will be asked to pay £17 for the baptism certificate then be invited to make a donation on top of this to maintain the life of your parish church.  Once your child has been baptised, we encourage you to attend our special regular service, SmAll Saints. Click here for details https://drive.google.com/open?id=174laH-8GqqGIFKJO-6SsgHzz7FWDnADW&authuser=nickythevicar%40gmail.com&usp=drive_fs

**** The Vicar, Nicky, will be on sabbatical from 1 May to 31 July, then on holiday for most of August. Following a PCC decision in September 2022, baptisms will not take place at All Saints' during this time. The reason for this is that it is extremely difficult to find outside clergy to cover the services. Please book all baptisms to take place either side of this four month period or - and this is especially the case for families who want a baptism at All Saints' Harworth and Bircotes but do not live in our parish (Harworth and Bircotes, Styrrup and Hesley) please contact the Vicar where you actually live. We are not saying 'no' to your request for a baptism; we are simply saying we cannot offer them during this time. 

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