Renewing your Marriage Vows at All Saints' Church

Whatever your reason for considering this ceremony - congratulations! Please contact the Vicar for a non-obligatory chat about your wishes - 07734 233742. You are probably wondering what you will be charged, and this will depend on two factors: 1) what kind of ceremony you would like, 2) whether you want the optional extras of organist and/or bells.

If you were renewing your vows in 2023:

> £505 for the Ceremony (obligatory, with £100 of this is paid as the deposit)

>£80 for two Church Attendants (obligatory)

>£150 for Maintenance (obligatory)

>£180 for Bells (optional)

>£100 for an Organist (optional)

We would also offer you free use (if available) of our superb Church Hall nearby, plus free live-streaming to Facebook or Zoom.

The actual ceremony fee would be negotiated between the three of us but the cost stated above is the absolute maximum we would charge. It really depends on what kind of ceremony you want, big or small, detailed or simple. Please note that the maximum ceremony fee does increase by a relatively small amount each year. All Saints' optional fees will also increase on 1 January 2023.

If you'd like to proceed further, why not give Nicky the Vicar a call and the three of us can meet up. 07734 233742.

We very much regret that, due to a legal bar placed on all Church of England clergy by the Church of England itself, it is not possible for our Vicar, Nicky, to conduct church weddings for lesbian or gay couples. Further restrictions brought in (without consultation) in February 2020 also prevent any form of celebration following a CP ceremony, or CP conversion to marriage. If you are looking for a church setting in which to marry, we recommend you contact Harworth Methodist Church (or another Methodist Church), Free Christian Unitarian Church or United Reformed Church. Not every congregation in these denominations offers the marriage of same sex couples, but they will know the nearest congregation that does, and you might even prompt them to offer it, too.

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