Church of England Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham Harworth

Getting Married at All Saints' Church

05/02/21 SORRY, due to being in Lockdown we are not allowed to hold weddings unless in life and death situations.




Over hundreds of years, our beautiful place of worship has seen many, many people make a fresh start in their lives and now, we invite your story to become part of our story - come and speak to us about getting married at All Saints' Church.

Your first step is to contact the Vicar - Rev'd Nicky Skipworth 07734 233742. Why not take a look at the brilliant Church of England website and video linked off this section?

To help avoid disappointment, please get in touch with the Vicar *before* you confirm arrangements for your reception. The Vicar will invite you over to the Vicarage for a chat. It'll take about one hour and enable you to ask lots of questions, get to know the Vicar and - if you want to - make a booking. We regret that, due to rules concerning the booking of weddings, the Vicar is unable to take bookings by any other means.

The only date we are unable to offer every year is Holy Saturday, i.e. the day before Easter Day (therefore 11 April 2020; 3 April 2021). We welcome weddings on Bank Holidays and any day of the week. Ceremonies may take place at any time between 8am and 6pm and be as simple or ornate as a couple wishes. You will not be charged more for having a ceremony on a popular day of the week! And did you know we can combine a christening with a wedding ceremony?

What will you pay?

If you were getting married at All Saints' Church in 2021 you would pay the following. 

£464 Ceremony (inc. one free marriage certificate)

£150.00 Organist (includes organ upkeep fee and copyright fee) - this is an optional fee

£80.00 Two Church Hosts

£150.00 Bell Ringing - this is an optional fee

£70 Heating, Cleaning and Maintenance

£11.00 Additional Marriage certificate 

We welcome requests to pay fees by installments and can receive payments electronically. Please speak to the Vicar about this.

We very much regret that, due to a legal bar placed on all Church of England clergy, it is not possible for our Vicar, Nicky, to conduct church weddings for lesbian or gay couples. Further restrictions brought in (without consultation) in February 2020 also prevent any form of celebration following a CP ceremony, or CP conversion to marriage.