St Margaret's seeks to be a living presence in the parish and to serve the whole community in whatever way  we can.  Maintaining a priestly ministry, which enables the continuance of church services, weddings, baptisms and funerals,  is a major cost and we are so grateful to the small but loyal band who provide regular financial support.  

The 'Donate' button on the home page provides direct support to St Margaret's.

Donation in the church - there is a locked box for cash donations and also a QR code which enables on-line donations, even if the internet signal is weak.

Fund-raising  We normally hold fund-raising events two or three times a year  year but money raised in this way provides just a small percentage of our needs.  Some other ways in which  our work can be supported include

Regular standing orders:  very helpful for budgeting, as is regular envelope giving.  The PCC Treasurer can supply details      [email protected]

Parish Giving Scheme: a comparatively new initiative which facilitates simple and effective  giving to the parish church.  Syleham PCC has joined the scheme,  and an information sheet and form is attached for download.

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