About Us

St George's is an active & friendly community of Christians who promote the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Parish of Donnington so that we may know Him better. We also provide support and care for all people and those in need.

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Throughout the year we normally offer a range of types of service and a wide spectrum of music to lift our souls. We alternate worship between our countryside church and village hall.

1. We have a 10am family eucharist with a linked junior church on the first, third and fifth Sundays of the month when we meet in the Parish Hall in Stockbridge (just opposite the Co-op). 

2. On the second and fourth Sundays of the month our 10am family service is held in our historic Church which is hidden in a clump of trees in the fields of Donnington and off the Selsey Road - with its rich history it is well worth finding (more can be found in the 'information about our Church' link)

We have a regular prayer group at 8am each Wednesday and Friday in the Hall. For more informatiom on these contact our Lay Reader Mary Hagell on 01243 789593.

We hold an occasional sung Evensong using the Book of Common Prayer. You will find details in upcoming events

Community Events

Working alongside others in the Parish there are many other events and occasions where you will find fellowship. Many of these feature on these web pages. We run an active facebook page - St Georges Donnington 


As of 1st May 2022 we are in interregnum following the retirement of our priest. Our Churchwardens will lead us through this period in conjunction with the PCC and our Rural Dean Mother Martha Weatherill. We are blessed with two priests who will take services (Graham Steel and Emma Graeme)

During interregnum you can contact Mary Hagell on service issues or Jim McAuslan on administrative issues  

Our Churchwardens are:-

Simon Pegg 01243 783731 Email: [email protected]

Karen Jarman 01243 641028 Email: [email protected]

Our other PCC members are:-

Mary Hagell (Lay Reader 01243 789593 [email protected]). 

Alan Martin (Church Building issues)

Tim Walker (Parish Hall issues)

Bobby Foden

Jane Pointet

Gary Orgovanyi

Jim McAuslan is Treasurer, Parish Secretary and Electoral Roll Officer (01243 782198 Email: [email protected])

Our Child Protect Officer is Bob Price

Deanery Synod Representatives are Alan Martin and Bobby Foden

Questions and comments on this website can be directed to [email protected]