Love. Community. Belief - Our Mission in Donnington

With the worst of Covid in retreat and in the face of the financial challenges that St George’s, like all churches, confronts the leadership of St George’s (the PCC) spent the second half of 2021 considering what our Mission in Donnington should be in this changing world - and a world hungry for love, community and belief.

A Cafe Church service on 7th November reviewed the PCCs draft plan and concluded that our church had  planted a flag in the space where Faith and Non-Faith meet and that experience suggests there is even more we can do to help create a loving community. It was a hugely positive experience that prompted Mother Martha (our Rural Dean) to say ‘ it is evident that God is in this place’ report of that meeting is attached.

From that a Mission Action plan was produced, submitted to Chichester Diocese and is what will guide us in the near term. It challenges us to:-

1. Step into a community leadership role

2. Continue to experiment with our services with more Cafe church and trying new ways of worship

3. Keeping our music and style of service varied

4. Taking services to those who are vulnerable

5. Not retreating into a small group of Sunday worshippers viewed with a mixture of bemusement or suspicion by the wider community. 

 A copy of our plan is also attached. If you would like to know more please come and meet us at a Sunday service or the Saturday morning hub at the hall.

Paper_5B_Cafe_Church_7_11_21, PDF


St_Georges_Donnington_Mission_Action_Plan_PDF, PDF