Church of England Diocese of Chichester Donnington

St George's Pop Up Foodbank depot

Starting in the second week of lockdown St George's and Donnington volunteers established a weekly Pop-up drop-off depot each Saturday between 10 and 12 in the morning  

Over 42 Saturdays an amazing 4.5 tonnes of food, pet food and household products as well as £900 in cash had been donated by the people of Donnington.  It has also turned into a ‘village square’ where people can see a friendly face (safely) and exchange news. 

Within days of donating the goods are on the Foodbank's shelves and on its way out to people in need - many of those living hand to mouth and having to chose between paying the rent, providing heating or going hungry.

Thinking of donating? Visit our Facebook page or the Chichester Foodbank website to see what is most in need

Want to help the Donnington Depot? email [email protected]

The last Drop-Off of 2020 will be 19th December but we will be back 9th January to carry on God’s work.