Saturday morning at Donnington's Hub.

Each Saturday morning  (except bank holidays) between 10am and 12pm you will find a hive of activity and friendship at our Hall.

George's cafe provides a place for people to come together over coffee (and cake!) served up by lovely volunteers who make this a really welcoming place. So much so that it has become a ‘village square’ where people can see a friendly face and exchange news.

A Foodbank drop off which started in the second week of lockdown and has been held ever since collects food and life's necessities on behalf of Chichester Foodbank. Over 11 tonnes of food, pet food and household products as well as £1800 in cash had been donated by the people of Donnington.  Each Thursday we post details on our Facebook page of what’s in short supply, and Donnington responds making us a staple of Chichester Foodbank.

The Book and Puzzle swap does what it says on the tin. If we haven't got what you would like we might even be able to find it and add it to our library. People love coming in and looking for recommendations to just to chat - no one will say "Shhhhh!" The swap also holds craft ‘teach ins’

If you would be interested in volunteering to help in these activities e mail us at [email protected].

Or come and meet us on a Saturday morning and have a coffee