How to make a donation

To keep St George's doors opening to friend and stranger alike and to keep us as an active and loving heart in Donnington we need financial support.

Can you help us?

What we really need are regular donors. People prepared to pay what they can each month by way of a regular donation. This gives us certainty about today, and confidence to plan for future.  And if you are a taxpayer the gift aid adds hugely. Nearly £5000 of our income comes from HMRC via Gift Aid!

The best way to become a donor is through the Parish Giving Scheme. The landing page for our church is at Parish Giving Scheme and on this you can safely and securely set up a regular donation. You can donate anonymously if you wish.

You can also set up over the phone by speaking to PGS people on 0333 002 1271, Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm. You will need your own bank account details to hand and St George's Donnington unique PGS reference number which is 101030060. Every bit counts, a £20 a month would be a huge help.

If this is not for you then a one off donation would help. Click here and you can do this through our page on the secure website Give a Little  

Thank you. This will enable our doors to open easily to everyone and keep us active in Donnington - whatever your faith.