Church of England Diocese of Birmingham St. Peter Balsall Common

St Peter

St Peter's Church stands on the edge of the builtup area of our village but aims to be a heart of the community through its social and community activities, its worship, and its friendship to all.  In so doing, we hope we demonstrate the values of Christianity and will inspire others to join us.

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Revd Peter Thomas

St Peter's House Holly Lane Balsall Common Coventry CV7 7EA
(01676) 532721

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Parish Prayers

Every Every Thursday at 1 p.m. for 30m

Balsall Street East
Balsall Common

Everyone is invited to drop in, call by, or stay for the full half hour to join in prayers for the work of the church here in Balsall Common, and for the concerns of the Parish and people living here. Each week the themes will be published in the newsletter but there will always be space for prayers for things that arise in the day, or are brought to the group. Meet in the church! We meet alternate Thursdays, depending on events!

Prayers Event held in a Church