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St Peter

St Peter's Church stands on the edge of the builtup area of our village but aims to be a heart of the community through its social and community activities, its worship, and its friendship to all.  In so doing, we hope we demonstrate the values of Christianity and will inspire others to join us.

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House Groups

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday at 7:45 p.m. for 1hr 30m

Balsall Street East
Balsall Common

A number of groups meet as 'house groups'. There are occasional Bible study meetings and a prayer group, but the most regular occur on Sunday or Wednesday . There is often robust discussion at "Exploring Faith", usually at Templars Cottage, at 7.45 pm (Wednesdays). Sunday evening's group began with a group of 'young Mums' and has continued to grow and welcome new members. All are welcome and no preparation is required! See Church newsletters or magazine, and notice boards, for details or the "house groups" page.

NB during Advent all groups have come together in the Wednesday group, and we shall probably restart a new programme after Christmas, and perhaps have a special Lent course, if people want it.