Facilities and features


Toilet (unisex, will take a wheelchair) in church, also male, female and disabled/babychanging toilet in Hall across the lawn. Ask if assistance required and we shall be happy to help.

In Hall, also a changing table in the church toilet.

Outside the Hall but can padlock your bike to it

Substantial carpark serves both church and Hall - two spaces marked with yellow lines but if reserved parking required for people with disabilities please ask and we shall put out extra signage.

Fully accessible toilet in the Hall.

We are aware of and try to accommodate or provide for neurodiversity.

See Parking above - we can reserve places for people with disabilities if given advance warning.

Supplied by the Lions Club, in outside wall of the Hall. Several members of the church have been trained in its use.

We have tried to ensure everywhere can be accessed by ramp! We do have a church wheelchair which can be used to transport those without their own.

Loop in church, also available in Hall but please ask for this to be turned on and microphone supplied.

Large Print hymn books available. Most services use projection onto screen.

Assistance Dogs are welcome

Working to become a dementia friendly church 💒

Our cake bakers always try to provide a GF cake! We always have GF wafers at communion - ask on arrival before the service starts!

All areas are accessible

Our Building

Stained Glass

During daylight hours when someone remembers to unlock the door.

Not a distinguished building, there are a few items of interest including some nice stained glass, and a modernised refurbishment including a modern extension 'The Baptistry' which also functions as a comfortable lounge.

Thursday afternoons 2-4.00pm every week, refreshments and biscuits (cake on the second Thursday of every month), and company.

We have been awarded a 'Silver EcoChurch' badge under the A Rocha scheme and have EcoCongregation status. We actively promote recycling and greening the church area. See special page on our website.

Music and Worship

The choir puts on the occasional concert or musical evening, and many members are part of other choirs which are widely advertised in the church or hall

Not much to tell about our little organ.

Regular Sunday Evening evensong services, and some other services, use the BCP . We have stopped the 8:00am communion as too few folk came.

Adult and junior choirs - meet on Thursday evenings for practice, and sometimes work woth other local choirs (notably Hampton in Arden) to make a larger sound!

At our 'informal' services - Lighthouse and Navigate (1st and 2nd Sunday of the month)

Groups, Courses and Activities

Bible studies groups on a regular basis and occasional Start courses etc.

Sundry home groups meet in the homes of members, and we sometimes host a Diocesan 3D course.

We have run CAP courses in the past but have not been asked to do so recently, but we are willing to support those who need that sort of advice.

Churches Together run a monthly Coffee Morning at the Jubilee Centre on the furst saturday of the month. We run an Afternoon Tea and Cakes event on the Second Thursday of the month, in our own Baptistry lounge. Look out for the poster on the A-frame outside the church.

The Hall is in constant use for community events!

We run a fortnightly Conversation Club for the local Ukrainian community, with bilingual facilitators and native English speakers providing conversation practice .

We have run CAP courses and can signpost people to suitable sources of help as required.

We run several 'messy' activities!

See their page on our website

Monthly Afternoon Teas on a Thursday (see website)

Friday afternoons in term in the Hall.

From time to time.

Friday afternoons during term times in the Hall

See our Bumps and Babies (now Teeny Tinies and Toddlers) pages!

Help for Visitors

In the Church and Hall no password required for Guest access.

We have a short history of the church which is being updated. Email [email protected] for a copy.

See elsewhere on this site for hours we are open - but as a rule, always open during daylight hours for prayer.

Other Features

Stall after the 9:30 am services on Sundays

Collection point for Helping Hands

"Powerpoint" projection facility and screen in church, also CD player, connection points for laptop computers at three places around the church, and a repeater screen in the Baptistry lounge at the back of the church (suitable for those who wish to sit in a quiet place during services, eg those with tinnitus, or parents with small restless children!)

We do try to mark Back to Church Sunday - and make every Sunday welcoming to "returners"! 😉💒

See website pages or Hallshire site for more details



We have not yet joined this scheme formally but will consider any requests for help on their merits!