Church of England Diocese of Birmingham St. Peter Balsall Common

Say One for Me

Say 1 4 Me - outreach to our neighbours.

Every month, we distribute a letter to one or two streets in the village, slowly working round so that we can visit every home about once in two years. Church members leave a letter telling people that we shall be visiting on the following Saturday, asking for peoples' prayer requests (see below). We do not ask for contributions, this is simply an offering of support: the letter reads as follows -

At St Peter’s, we pray regularly for the local community here in Balsall Common, as we believe that God is interested in what is happening to us all, and that prayer can make a real difference. You may already have found that to be true for yourself. Over the past two years, we have visited every street in our Parish, and found people welcome our offer to take their concerns to God in prayer

At our 9.30am service of Holy Communion next Sunday, we shall be praying for your road and for all those who live there. On the Saturday before that, between 10.00am and mid-day, members of our church hope to call at your door to see if you have any specific prayer requests. For example, there may be someone in your family who is unwell or about to undergo an operation, or something in current affairs or the world scene that causes you concern or for which you would like to give thanks.

You may not have a specific request, but if you do, we should be pleased to pray for it either in the service, or in private respecting your confidentiality.  And we would also like to encourage you in your own prayers, remembering that Jesus said “Ask in my Name” (St John’s Gospel, 14, 13-14), and he also promised relief to those who bring their burdens to him (St Matthew’s Gospel, 11,28). 

 If you would like a visit, or feel you need prayer at any other time - please do contact the church using the confidential 'contact us' button on our 'home page' - or e-mail [email protected]