Church of England Diocese of Birmingham St. Peter Balsall Common

Mothers' Union at St Peter's Church

There is an active branch of Mothers' Union at St Peter's Church.

Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month, usually in the Baptistry of the church. Some months we are now holding the meeting in the morning, as members wish. For future events or more information contact Frances Critoph or Alison Bennett, or go to


 Calling all knitters!

We would be grateful if you would knit a square to be made into a blanket for Malawi.  It gets very cold at night and some of the children in the rural villages have no bedding.  Every year we help the Diocese of Birmingham send a container full of gifts for our friends in Malawi. Please help us to help them.  For more information contact Alison Bennett

All are welcome at all Mothers' Union meetings and events - The Mothers' Union (MU) is a worldwide organisation that is especially concerned with strengthening and preserving marriage and Christian family life.  Its aim is the advancement of Christian religion in the sphere of marriage and family life. 

The MU welcomes men and women to its membership.

Our members are actively involved in the life of the Church as Readers, Flower arrangers, Choir members, SWITCH,  Intercessors and assisting with administering Holy Communion. We are also involved in various house groups and the ecumenical Coffee Together.

Members knit baby garments for premature babies, teddy bears for children of prisoners, and sew grieving gowns.  We also donate toiletries and baby items to Women’s’ aid as well as holding fund raising events for Mothers’ Union projects 

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Membership of Mothers’ Union is open to all who believe in our objectives.  We would be delighted to welcome new members

Our Vision: Where faith is weak - we are called to strengthen, Where there is isolation - we are called to fellowship, Where the vulnerable suffer - we are called to protect, Where marriage is discredited - we are called to promote, When families fracture - we are called to support, Where relationship is needed - we are called to encourage, When communities hurt - we are called to heal


<span style="font-size: 1rem; -webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%;">When I've said, in the past year or so, that the Mothers' Union is the fifth Instrument of Unity in the Anglican Communion, I'm not joking.  I think it is the most powerful lay movement in the Anglican World; it is one which does far more for education and development than any other agency in the Anglican Communion and, more than any other agency, it builds relationships at grass roots level between ordinary believers working for change.  If that isn't an Instrument of Unity, I don't know what is."</span>

Rowan Williams