St Peter's tries, as part of its Christian responsibility, to be eco-friendly and support recycling and other initiatives. Our Hall has been made as efficient as possible, and we have just achieved our ARocha EcoChurch Silver award and are seeking to gain the Gold when we can arrange a few matters better! Why not visit us and see for yourself? We now have a much more eco-friendly church and Hall!

Bring batteries, old pairs of glasses, printer cartridges, stamps and things like that which can be left in boxes in the Hall and Baptistry (at the back of Church) for recycling. Our Hall has its own solar panels and several of the heaters run directly off these! Users are advised to use the heaters which are linked directly to the panels if they only need a small amount of extra heat. 
We have recently replaced all the main lighting in the Hall with low-powerusing LED lights and it seems much brighter as well!

We welcome visitors, and are keen to share our experiences with others.