Church of England Diocese of Southwark St. Bartholomew, Sydenham

Children, Families and Young People

Children, families and young people are welcome at St Bart's!

If you are a parent of young children, may we suggest....Relax!  God put the wriggle in children and there is no need to suppress it in God's house.  All are welcome!  Sit somewhere where your little ones can see and hear what's going on at the front and the altar.  Bring them forward to be blessed at Communion.  Quietly explain the parts of the service, point out the colours and what the Priest and others are doing  (if you are not sure yourself, don't be afraid ask).

We usually have groups for children and young people, and also a (unsupervised) crèche space in the hall during part of the Sunday Parish Eucharist.  However these are unable to meet at present, but don't let that stop you bringing your little ones to church at St Bart's.  There are some simple colouring sheets, puzzles etc. available as you arrive, which children can use while sitting with their families.  And as before, the Parish Eucharist on the fourth Sunday of each month will be 'all age' with the prayers, sermon and other parts of the service chosen to be more easily accessible to children as well as adults.  Keep an eye on our web-sites for details of other services for children and families coming soon.

We are pleased to host a Brownies pack, which will hopefully be up and running again from October.

We welcome young people who have been Baptised to participate in leading worship as their confidence and ability allows.  Speak to Rev'd Jim if you would like to 'have a go'!

We admit children and young people to receive Holy Communion at the request of their families, following a short course of preparation, each Easter.  Children should have attended worship at St Bart's, together with their families, regularly for at least a year and join in the preparation course, again with their parents.  Parents play an important role here as they are the biggest influence on a child's spiritual development!  Admittance to Communion is NOT the same as Confirmation.  Confirmation is offered to adults and older young people wanting to publicly express their Christian commitment and take further their walk as a disciple of Jesus.  Speak to Rev'd Jim if you would like to know more about Admittance to Communion or Confirmation.