We all know that regularly praying and reading the Scriptures is a good thing, but many of us don't quite know where to start.

Attached is a simple form of Daily Prayer which can be used at any time of day and on any day of the week.  Taken from the Church of England's 'Prayer During the Day' (with minor local amendments) it has everything you need, including some suggested patterns of Bible readings.  It aims to be simple to use and accessible to anyone even if you are not familiar with or used to a regular pattern of Morning and Evening Prayer.  It will be updated to reflect the season of the Church's Year.

You can use Daily Prayer 'as is' with the suggested daily cycle of readings and it will take just 10-15 mins.  Or you can use a longer pattern of seasonal readings such as the Church of England Lectionary and spend more time in reflection and prayer where suggested.  You could even join with others and pray together.  This form will sometimes be used in church and at meetings etc.

However you use this resource it is our prayer and hope that it will enable you draw closer to God help establish good habits of prayer and reading the Scriptures.

Prayer_During_the_Day_-_Ordinary_Time, PDF