The mission of the church at the local level is financed by the generous giving of its church members. We are a busy and active parish seeking to share the love of God with the community of West Moors. 

We rely on generous donations and regular planned giving to cover the day to day running costs and expenses of our mission and ministry to our village. We are all aware that costs in all households are rising and our church is no different! It costs nearly £1750 a week to run your parish church and the costs of keeping our church and hall warm are over £250 a month alone.

There are so many opportunities for ministry and mission in our community:

• Youth work and developing our ministry with families.

• Supporting the vulnerable through work in Residential homes and through further initiatives like Tea@3.

• Continuing improvements to our church building to make it a centre for mission for the 2020’s and beyond.

To support such initiatives for mission we are invited to give to the church. This is not to pay for a service or activity, but because giving is good for us, because we love God, we love each other, we love the church and we want to see God’s work grow and flourish in our community.

The Old Testament teaches tithing – the giving of the first 10% of our income to God. This is not meant as some kind of tax or bill, it is a giving borne of joy and thanksgiving for all the benefits of God’s grace that we enjoy. The idea of tithing is not prescriptive, it is something to aim for. We always say if you are in debt don’t start giving, because giving should be a source of joy.

Stewardship also helps us support many charities both in this country and overseas. For more information on the ways we support other, please see the Charitable Giving page.

If you feel you can help support the mission and ministry of your parish church please have a confidential chat with our Planned Giving Officer Mr Mike Bowler on 01202 872064.