Church of England Diocese of Blackburn Ashton-on-Ribble, St. Michael and All Angels with Preston St. Mark

Getting married.

St. Michael's is a wonderful place to celebrate your big day! 

 If you would like your wedding in the church you will need to be either resident in the parish, be a regular attender          ( you must attend at least once a month for a period of eight months prior to the wedding), or have a 'qualifying connection' which might be, for example, that parents were baptised or married in the church or a grandparent had attended regularly in the past.  Further details are available if you are unsure.

We are happy to marry those who have found new love after a previous marriage.  However, there are separate protocols for this and as a couple the Vicar will wish to speak with you before any further planning or preparation can take place.

At the moment we are unable to offer same sex marriages under the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act, 2013.  Further information is available by copying and pasting the link below. The hurt caused to couples by this national position is much regretted.  

In 2020/21 a wedding costs approximately £750.00 at St. Michaels.

Please contact the Vicar to discuss the current situation in regard of Covid 19 and the restrictions this places on the celebration of your marriage.  Currently marriages may only take place in exceptional circumstances.  Details of the very latest information (24/02/21) is below:


This bit is complicated, and the dates below are the earliest by which the indicated change will happen:

Currently marriage may only take place in emergency. 

From March 8th 6 people can attend a wedding and it does not need to be an emergency.

From April 12th 15 people can attend a wedding and also attend a reception afterward. 

From May 17th, up to 30 people can attend a wedding and also the reception afterwards.

From June 21st HOPEFULLY all attendance restrictions will be lifted.

There is currently no change in the requirement for those attending a wedding to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing.

Banns can be called in the 3 clear weeks before the wedding and a Common Licence should only be issued if this is not possible.