Supporting us financially.

The Covid 19 crisis closed our churches for the first time ever.  Although many continued to support us generously during the lockdown our income has been dramatically reduced, putting us at financial risk.  If you value your local church and would like it to be here for future generations please consider a one-off gift or regular giving.  It costs well over £40,000 a year to keep the door open.  We have had to fund major repairs to the roof and stonework and to modernise the toilet facilities in our hall.  We need to raise a further £650.00 a week just to keep the bills paid.  If you can help, we would very much appreciate your support.  You can contact our Treasurer c/o the Vicarage, 2 Egerton Road, PR2 1AJ,  or by email.  If you are a taxpayer you can increase your gift through the Gift Aid scheme.  Thank you.


Bob Duddle came to faith quite late in life. after the death of his wife. Bob was involved in Ashton for many years, not least in organising the local dog shows. He could often be seen in the morning walking his current canine pal.

Bob loved to go on cruises and, until his final illness, he would sail off several times a year to all sorts of destinations. He discovered a new way of expressing his emotions through poetry, joined a local group and even published a book of his poems, one of which was read in church on Remembrance Sunday.

Bob added a codicil to his will, a simple written statement, witnessed to make it legal, that left  St Michael’s a small percentage of his final estate. That proved to be £10,000 and is what kept us going through the pandemic.

Would you consider giving a similar gift for the future of the church? You can speak in confidence to our treasurer who will be able to advise you further. A legacy is a really powerful way of supporting the mission and ministry of the Church into the future.