A funeral provides a focal point for grief, a formal acknowledgement that the death has happened. It serves as an important opportunity to collectively remember the deceased’s life in the round, celebrating it collectively with relatives and friends. Holding a funeral in the sacred, timeless space of the church, where one can feel a sense of peace and reflection, often helps those mourning.

For Christians the funeral is also an important moment when we formally hand over the care of our loved one to God, fulfilling his promise of eternal life. We believe that God cares for everyone so a church funeral is not just for those who have been regular worshippers or the baptised. As with weddings, anyone who has resided in the parish is entitled to have a Christian funeral service at the church.

The churchyard has been in use since 1850 so there are now no new burials unless within an existing grave plot. Interment of cremated remains continue in existing plots or in the Garden of Remembrance

Revd Liz can officiate at funeral services at St Paul's or at a local crematorium or cemetery. We are happy to include favourite readings and music to suit the wishes of the bereaved or their relatives, within the overall framework of the service. We will give whatever help we can, both with arranging the funeral and offering a listening ear at this difficult time so it is important to meet with Revd Liz at the earliest opportunity to discuss your and the deceased’s wishes.

Your funeral director will be able to advise you about fees. If you want to look at the church of England Parochial Fees as a guide then they are attached.  

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