Supporting us Financially

Donations/Gift Aid/Legacies

I suppose it goes without saying that we, as a church, are always looking for ways to increase our income, and one of the most important of these is to encourage supporters to make a regular donation in the form of a standing order. A few pounds a month from each additional sympathiser who would be really saddened to see St. Paul’s Church of England fade away and have to close could make a significant difference to our financial position, which is far from comfortable at present. We face ever increasing costs to maintain the fabric of the church.

In addition, those choosing to leave us a small Legacy from their estate in their wills would be a further answer to our prayers.

If you would like to set up a Standing Order in favour of St Paul’s Church, please downlaod the form attached  and return your completed signed form to the address shown. Please note that we need to allocate a reference ID number before forwarding the order to your bank on your behalf.

If you bank online, you can set up a standing order yourself using the following details:

Account Name: St. Paul's PCC, Account No: 87726491, Sort Code: 010393. Please complete the 'Reference' option with your name. Your donation will arrive in our account via BACS transfer.

Please also complete and sign the Gift Aid form if you are a taxpayer. Please download the gift aid form and return your completed signed form to the address shown. This will enable each pound of your donation to become, at present, £1.25 in our favour.

We will be most grateful for your support.

If you attend services and are a taxpayer, you may prefer to make a regular donation via a Gift Aid envelope to the collection plate, rather than a standing order. If so, please complete just the Gift Aid form and you will then be provided with a supply of envelopes which display your allocated ID number (no name is displayed). This will enable us to summarise and claim back the tax for the church that you have already paid on these contributions.

If you are not a taxpayer then any monies that you place in the service collection plate will be most welcome and these can be pre-sealed into one of the yellow collection envelopes, if preferred, which are available at the entrance and the back of the church.

Contact Church Treasurer Penny Sweasey [email protected]

If you would like to donate please click on the click below and find out about donating through easyfundraising

Standing_Order_2023, PDF


gift-aid-declaration-sept-2022-, PDF