Mothers' Union


Transformation - Now!

25 March, Friday 11.00am Ladyday at St. John's Church, St. John's Street, Rastrick.  Area chaplain Revd Michelle officiating.  Service followed by soup with a roll, tea and cake. - 9 of us attended, + the banner, which was carried by Diana Brook

19 April, Tuesday 1.30pm Branch meeting, Social catch-up, tea, cake and natter

17 May, Tuesday 1.30pm Branch meeting, 'Looking back', Trees showing church event pictures of the last 20 years

9 June, Thursday 10.00/10.30am Diocesan Council meeting and Platinum Jubilee celebration at Batley Town Hall

21 June, Tuesday 1.30pm Branch meeting - Louise Read "Focus for Hope", a homeless charity some of our church members bake for

28 June, Tuesday 12.00/12.30 Huddersfield Area Gathering at St. Thomas's, Bradley

9 July, Saturday Diocesan Summer Celebration at Bradford Cathedral.  Time to be confirmed.

19 July, Tuesday 1.30pm Branch meeting - Margaret France, her work in Women's Prisons

9 August, Tuesday, Mary Sumner Day

12-14 August, Parceval Hall - CANCELED (see *)

17 September, Saturday Gomersal Branch AFTERNOON TEA!!!!

20 September 1.30pm Branch meeting, our Area President Julia Tum, "Women in the Bible".

Friday 23 and Saturday 24 September Annual Gathering in Belfast see

25 October, Tuesday 1.30pm Branch meeting Beetle Drive

15 November, Tuesday 1.30pm Branch meeting

6 December, Tuesday Advent Service


* 9-11 May Parceval Hall