Baptisms are an exciting time for families and for our church community. Baptisms are a time of great joy and we love to welcome you and /or your children to be Baptised at St Mary’s. (Baptisms are sometimes referred to as Christenings.)

Baptism is the start of the Christian journey and its one of the most important decisions a Christian can make.

When you or your child are baptised in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, you are taking part in an ancient Christian tradition and become a member of the world-wide Church.

Because Baptism is so special we take time to help you prepare for this important time in your life and or the life of your child.

We would love to meet you to talk further about your baptism. On the 2nd Sunday of every month at 11.00am Mrs Brenda Swinton will be in church for you to book a baptism.  The actual baptism will always take place on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 3.00pm in the afternoon. Please do contact us if you would like to know more. You can check the Who is Who for ways to do this. 

A provisional date can then be booked. We would also invite you to attend at least two Sunday services if possible. This is so that you have an opportunity to form a connection to the church community where you and/or your child are beginning this Christian journey.

What happens in Baptism Preparation?

Baptism preparation takes place in the church. It usually lasts for 30-45 minutes and involves exploring what Baptism is, what the Baptism service involves, and what promises and commitments are made during the service.

What happens in a Baptism Service?

Before the Baptism itself we will invite you to attend a rehearsal as a chance for you to familiarise yourself more fully with the service. Godparents will be invited to attend too.

Information about baptism in the Church of England can be found here.

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