Traveling crib or Posada

The Traveling Crib or Posada, as is its official name, has come of age.

The traveling crib first started in 1999! 21 years hence it is still a much loved event.

On Advent Sunday, 1 December, I hope to have the traveling crib blessed in church. From then it will start its way round the housebound and elderly in our parish, who definitely do not have to be church members.

Every year it has been a tremendous success, with many new friendships struck up. Those in our community, who might think we have forgotten them, are made to feel part of us once more. They are receiving two visits on consecutive days by two different people.To those who are transporting the Traveling Crib, it gives the opportunity to spread the real message of Christmas of love, peace and hope.

How does it work?

There is a list of people willing to visit and another list of people willing to receive. Someone will pick it up from church on Sunday 1 December and will take it to the first host. This visit has been pre-arranged, but will be confirmed by you, so the host knows for sure who and at what time they can expect the visitor. The host will have prepared a place for the little statue of Mary, Joseph and the donkey to be placed. There is a candle, which you can light, but that is not always possible, depending on fire regulations. You hand over a Christmas card, which is also provided, with best wishes from S. Mary’s church family. Hopefully the host will ask you to stay a little, have a chat and a drink.

The next day someone else will pick up Mary and Joseph, again at a pre-arranged time, you stay for a chat, pack up the Posada, candle and put it in the bag provided. You then take it to the next person and the process repeats itself. Everything will be provided, I just need transporters!

You might even be asked to do it twice or three times, if you are willing to do so. As over the 24 days before Christmas the Posada needs to be transported 48 times!

If you would like to take part, please, use the website contact

If you know of someone who would like to be a recipient, again, please, use the website contact

If there is someone you in particular would like to visit, then again, please, use the website contact

It would be good if you could visit someone who you do not know very well, so you can strike up a new friendship. But that is not always true. Sometimes the recipient cannot cope with someone who is a ‘stranger’ and a person known to them will have to make the visit.

Thank you for all your help. May this Christmas be a blessing to you and your family.