We want to get married, what should we do?

Congratulations!  This is one of the most exciting times of your life!

There is a lot to think about and to do if you want to get married, so contact the church to talk about your special day.

Please complete the preliminary form which you can find here:

Here is some initial information to help you 

You can be married in church if

neither of you have ever been married before

one or both of you usually attend worship services at St Mary’s HBO

one or both of you live in the parish of Hatfield Broad Oak

one or both of you used to live in the parish of Hatfield Broad Oak

one or both of you were baptised or confirmed in St Mary’s HBO

your parents lived in the parish of HBO or worshipped in St Mary’s HBO

your parents or grandparents were married in St Mary’s HBO.


One of us, or both of us, have been married before and divorced before, can we get married in church?

Contact the church to arrange for a local priest to join you for a confidential chat about your circumstances.  Remember, that Jesus came to give us life, not to give us grief!


We don’t normally go to church, will the vicar be nice to us?

Why don’t you come along to church to see if you like us?  If you don’t usually go to church that doesn’t mean you can’t be married here.  During your wedding preparation sessions you will be able to talk and think about what it means to marry each other in front of God, and to ask for his blessing on your marriage.


What happens in a Christian wedding service?

We pray for the couple and their future life together

We hear the Bible read and reflect on what God is saying to us today

The couple declare their desire to be married, make vows and exchange rings

The couple, their witnesses and the priest sign the registers to record the wedding.

At most weddings two or three hymns are sung and music is played or sung during the signing of the register.

Music is usually played for the entry of the bride and for the bride and groom to process out of church


Can we personalise our vows?

A wedding is both an act of worship, and also a legal ceremony.  We cannot just say whatever words we like.  However, you can choose relevant Bible readings and hymns.


Can we play CDs in the service?

You can, but the organ sounds far more magnificent than any CD, and this is the one time in your life when someone will play live music just for you!


Isn’t it very expensive to be married in church?

A church wedding is not expensive, it’s all the “frilly bits” round the edges that cost!


Here is a basic breakdown of what a church wedding costs in 2022.  Please note that the official fees may change every year.

You must pay for

Publication of  Banns                £34.00  (banns certificate: additional £17)

Service                                         £505.00

Wedding certificate                   under the latest marriage registration procedures, marriage certificates are now ordered from the General Register Office (GRO) after the ceremony. see



If you have more than twenty people at the wedding you will need

Verger                                      £30.00


You may also want

Organist                                   £150 (includes copyright fee for video)

Choir                                        £150.00

Bells                                         £150

Heating (October to May)     £75