Churchyards in the Diocese of Chelmsford

St Mary the Virgin, Hatfield Broad Oak & St John the Evangelist, Bush End


The Churchyard is a special place.  It has been set aside as holy ground dedicated to the service of God, and provides a setting for public worship.  It is a peaceful place for rest, reflection and remembrance, and somewhere to celebrate the “sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died, was buried and rose again for us”.


There are regulations governing memorials in the churchyard.  These rules are set by the Chancellor of the Diocese (the senior lawyer in the Diocese).


We welcome   

v     fresh flowers placed in vase integral to memorial headstone

v     bulbs planted in grass (width of planted area not to exceed width of headstone; length of planted area not to exceed 2 foot from headstone)


Special occasions  

v     anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, Remembrance Sunday etc., wreaths (or poppies on Remembrance Sunday) may be placed on the grave.  These must be removed within a month. 


These are not allowed   

§         artificial flowers

§         statues

§         lights or wind chimes

§         extra vases/planters not integral to memorial headstone

§         decorative edgings/fencing/artificial enclosures

Memorial headstones need planning permission (a “faculty”).  Some memorials can be authorised by the incumbent on form CR1 (obtainable from your undertaker or stonemason).  Other types of memorial need authorisation from the Chancellor of the Diocese.  Please do not place or plant anything on a grave unless you have permission via form CR1 or a faculty.  The Chancellor insists that all unauthorised objects must be removed.


Please contact the church if you have any questions about memorials.