Someone has died, what should I do?

If you know someone is very ill and may soon die, or if someone has died, contact the church and ask for prayer to help you prepare for the moment of death. 


If someone dies at home

contact your doctor to make the necessary examinations and issue a certificate

If someone dies in hospital

the hospital will make the necessary examinations and issue a certificate.


However and wherever a person dies

contact the undertaker who will make all the arrangements for you, or will help you undertake anything you want to do yourself.  The undertaker will liaise with the parish priest to arrange the time of the service, the presence of the verger and organist and all the other things which are necessary.


Contact  your Parish Priest

Follow the link: for full details

your priest will come and pray with you and talk about the person who has died

you can talk about possible dates and times for the funeral

you can talk about what happens in a Christian funeral

you can talk about whether you want a church funeral or a funeral at a crematorium and whether you want a coffin or ashes buried in the churchyard.


What happens in a Christian funeral?

we give thanks for the life of the person who has died.

we give thanks for all that God has given them and us.

we say prayers to remember those who have died before God.

we pray for God to comfort all who mourn.

we ask God to take care of the person who has died and commit their body and soul into his care.



Burial in a Churchyard

Anyone who lives or dies in the parish, or who worships at the church may be buried in the churchyard.

Burials are always emotional affairs and so burials and churchyards are controlled by regulations and laws.  Please look at our page about churchyards.