Baptism or Christening?

Baptism or Christening?

Q:  What’s the difference between “Baptism” and “Christening”?

A:  Nothing, they are two names for the same thing.

Q:  What is baptism?

A:     Baptism

·        washes away our sins and our tendency to choose wrong things

·        gives us the character of Jesus, unites us with Jesus and starts us growing and changing to be like him

·        gives us eternal life so that we are “born again” and will never die.

Q:  I wasn’t baptised as a baby, is it too late?

A:         It is never too early or too late for baptism

Q:  When do baptisms happen?

A:         During the Sunday morning services.


Q:  What happens in a baptism service?

A         We pray for the person to be baptised and for their family.

we hear God’s word read from the Bible and think about what it means for us.

we proclaim together that we believe in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

we state that we want to turn away from sin and live like Jesus.

we promise to help the person being baptised to live like Jesus.

the priest pours water over their head in the name of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit


Q:  What do I do if I want my baby baptised/want to be baptised myself?

A         Contact The church.  A church officer or local priest will explain to you what baptism means and help you think about how you can keep the huge promises you make at baptism.


Q:  I want to do something special for my baby, but I can’t make the promises, what can I do?

A         Talk to the Churchwarden or Verger about a service of thanksgiving to God for your new baby and the wonder of life. 

Q: Will I get a Certificate of Baptism?

A         Yes. Each godparent will also receive a card reminding them of this special day and their duties to the child.