Church of England Diocese of Birmingham St. Faith and St. Laurence, Harborne

Praying Together for Inclusion

24 Jan 2019, 2:30 p.m.
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On 23rd January we prayed together for the marginalised in our community and for inclusion in the churches.

We had a series of Prayer Stations which we set in the context of a quiet reflective service. The order of service an be downloaded below.

The stations were

Sheltering under the wings of God, reflecting words to Ruth in the Old Testament (Ruth 2.11-13) and Jesus' own words in the New (Luke 13.31-35)

Using our thumbprints to remind us of the uniqueness of each one of us.

Writing names on pebbles and placing them in a bowl of water as a reminder that we are all included in God's love.

Placing pins in a map to mark places and people for whom we are concerned.

Writing prayers and lighting candles

These prayer stations are still in place and will be able to be used over the next few days. All are welcome to come and have a look.