Church and Environment - News, views and ideas for environmental change

Part of our engagement and desire as a church is to care for the environment. 

As we believe in a creative God who calls us to be stewards of all that is around us, we must seek to do what we can against the effects of climate change.

The national Church of England is seeking to go carbon neutral by 2030. This is a huge task and we are working on an action plan to help us get there. We will be exploring lots of options for alternative energy in a medium term project and we are actively working towards targets to reduce our carbon footprint and to encourage wildlife in our grounds.

We gained our EcoChurch Bronze Award and we are standing a few marks from the Silver Award.

We are entering the Creationtide period - Creationtide is the period in the annual Church calendar, dedicated to God as Creator and Sustainer of all life. 

This Creationtide, why not try this challenge on the leaflet that you can download below? Over the next 4 weeks can you complete all of the activities set in order to tread more lightly on the planet God has given us? If you want to learn more about various aspects of each challenge, please use the links given or research further yourself. Please do email us at [email protected] or tell one of the Ecochurch Team what you have done. Good luck!

                                                                         A PRAYER FOR CREATIONTIDE

We pray for the Church: that she may be a beacon of hope throughout the world, reminding us all of our responsibility to care for and protect God’s precious gift of creation.

We pray that through God’s grace we may hear the earth’s cry of the damage done and be moved to protect it for future generations to enjoy.

We pray that God grants our world’s leaders wisdom to make just decisions which respect the earth. We pray that through God’s grace we may be good neighbours to each other and to the whole of creation, restoring and caring for all that God has made. Lord, in your mercy, Hear our Prayer. 

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