Annual Meeting

The 2022 Annual Meeting of Parishioners for the Election of Churchwardens and the Annual Parochial Church will took place on Tuesday 17th May at 7.30pm and 7.45pm respectively.

Results of elections for Churchwardens, PCC and Deanery Synod

Malcolm Adey and Corinne Treacy were duly affirmed as Churchwardens for the coming year. Peter Gardner, Simon Palmer and Anita Tippin were elected as PCC members. Bronwen Jones and Caroline Mosley kindly offered to be our Representatives on Deanery Synod for the coming year. 

Reports and Accounts

The Reports and Accounts for our 2022 meeting are available below. This includes a copy of the agenda. The Reports and Accounts from our 2021 meeting can also be found on this page. 

St_Faith_And_St_Laurence_APCM_Reports_with_Accounts_17th_May_2022, PDF


APCM_2021_hNKQtcQ, PDF